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Xiaomi Mix 4 & Mi Pad 5 Review

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Good to see you guys again and I’m here to share my reaction and just recap of this me mix 4 me pad 5 event that we just saw it was a little bit slow I’m not gonna lie I didn’t really enjoy that 60-minute investor talk that they just stuck to the front you know Xiaomi I know you’re doing great but talking about your company for 60 minutes is a snooze
fest but then they eventually did get to cover the products that we’re all here for so let’s now cover me mix 4 and the meat pad 5 and share my thoughts and recap of this event let’s have a look.

so starting with the mix 4 a lot of history with this phone since 2016 it’s been the bezel-less champ and it continues it traditionally with a camera under the panel that means the front camera is going to be under the display very impressive here doing it in Xiaomi style with probably the most effective pixel layout possible still maintaining 400 pixels per inch and you have a beautiful bezel-less look a stunning display this will be and of course, we only have 1080p on this panel but we still managed to get a 20 megapixel and 6.67 inch AMOLED display we have Dolby vision true tone as well it’s going to be a solid panel don’t know if it’s going to reach the level of the m11 ultra but still with gorilla glass victus on board.

This is going to be one of the best panels you can get from Xiaomi and now talking about the design a beautiful sleek design ceramic build quality here very beautiful and the white variant looks stunning but you can also get it in this beautiful black and silver would have liked to see other colors Xiaomi but okay I know we’re going for ceramic here 120 watts fast charging incredible 24 minutes 100 and cooling a vapor cooling chamber impressive as well 108-megapixel main camera here’s a sample shot it’s going to be pretty much in line with the rest of the flagships from the mi 11 series but we have 50 times zoom as well on this mix four starting at 4 99 RMB 700 plus us dollars it’s not gonna break the bank but it’s also not cheap a device as well but I pad five guys look at these the display specs pause that incredible 120-hertz LCD true tone guys this was the star of the show for me I truly believe.

That we’ve been waiting for this knee pad 5 for a long time with Dolby vision on board this is the true hardware iPad competitor 515 grams 6.86 millimeters you know who they’re
gunning for where they want to create an iPad for the android world with an 8 600 milliampere battery but what was even more impressive was the 67-watt fast charging on a tablet that is incredible you have me pad 5 and the 5 pro using an 860 and a snapdragon 870 respectively and of course, there will be gaming champs with great cooling systems being able to play against impact more impressively eight that’s right guys eight Dolby atmos speakers and a keyboard and pen accessories as well now this does remind me a lot of the iPad but of course, they got to get inspiration from somewhere looking at these the 5 and the 5 pro nearly similar just a slight difference in specs.

What is the price of this beast compared to the iPad pro which cost nearly 6 000 rmb what can they price it at what can they do 1999 r b incredible guys and i think the standard me pad 5 is just going to be a major hit with the me pad 5 pro coming in at 24.99 rmb i think this was the star of the show guys the mix the mix 4 is incredible but for me the me pad 5 is where it’s at so there you go guys you know to be honest this xiaomi mix 4 it looks like a very impressive device 120 hertz refresh rate you got that new snapdragon chipset which is not really very impressive to be honest but it’s cool that they’re at least including it to of course the star feature here the under display camera i’m excited about it but it it just doesn’t really push me and excite me the way that the meal 11 ultra did i’m sure the mix 4 is going to be a great phone and it’s a new entry into the mix series and all of you have been waiting for but for 4999 rmb it’s not really going to be blowing up the market and i think there’s going to be a china release mostly but i’ll tell you what the me pad 5 is legit and i think this is the star of this event with a 1999 rmb or 300 us dollar price point for all this technology even if you pick up the me pad 5 regular with the snapdragon 860 it is an incredible device and the pro is just even better.

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