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Truth about Weight Loss Pills

Truth about Weight Loss Pills
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You know every athlete or a film star or celebrity comes to me saying that I want a six-pack they want aesthetic fat loss but a lot of our country is overweight and when you’re overweight you want a quick fix pill there is no pill on the planet take it from me the expert I worked with hundreds of celebrities if there was a magic pill I’d have a line from here to the USA of people standing to get that weight loss bill these are all.

Fix-it jobs that corn man or corn people use here’s the thing there’s nutrition or diet there’s exercise and there’s sleep and then there’s something called a blood test to check for hormonal imbalances in your thyroid if you’re a woman it’s thyroid and your ovarian system when you look at all of these parameters you can help a person learn to eat scientifically the issue in today’s world is people are consuming more calories than they require when I studied in medical college.

I was taught that you need three meals a day breakfast lunch dinner this was a model designed by the industrial revolution to feed factory workers in today’s age we don’t use our muscles we use our brains we are all desk jockeys we use only our fingers and our brain energy expenditure is very limited whereas our ancestors walk 10-15 kilometers a day you and I walk not even 500 meters a day my point to you is this energy expenditure has shrunk eating has increased because of affluence.

Food delivery e-commerce apps whenever you want food-based though it’s very easy within 10 minutes is in your house so availability of food and cheapness of food has got this to your doorstep this results in weight gain [Music] there are no pills yes you can take a protein supplement yes you can take an amino acid when you’re working out yes you can take an appetite suppressant like Garcinia Cambogia.

You can take ginger you can take amla to extract these things blunt appetite but at the end of the day if you do not know how to eat correctly then you are simply corning yourself by buying these expensive pills and powders but there are a lot of sports nutritional supplements that can be used in weight loss the biggest mistake people make in today’s world is they assume.

They can repair their own car like a mechanic they are like a mobile repair person or my mobile phone is broken let me repair my own mobile no in your car and your mobile you go to a service center you go to a professional like dal roti I am the expert everybody thinks that my own mother thinks she is the best nutritionist on the planet but there are people called dietitians and nutritionist.

who will align your nutrition plan based on your body type based on your biochemistry based on your genetics-based on your lifestyle but a quick tip that I can give you dal or cinnamon is known to reduce abdominal opacity by up to four percent so consuming anywhere from three to four point five grams of cinnamon aldehyde which is the extract from cinnamon specifically Sri Lanka cinnamon not the other fake cinnamon that you get should help in reducing belly fat provided.

You’ve aligned your diet to have lesser calories lesser carbohydrates correct amount of protein and a large quantity of fiber which comes mostly from your vegetables specifically your green vegetable matter so don’t take a weight loss pill focus on balancing your diet focus on your exercise and by the way it’s 15 000 steps for weight loss that’s your magical weight loss pill walk don’t run 15 000 steps and I promise you that’s the weight loss pill you’re looking for.

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