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Top Five Keto Diet Mistakes

Top Five Keto Diet Mistakes
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Mistake number one: I see it all the time is eating too much fat now you’re probably like wait for what like keto is based on fat and yes it is but remembers like a lot of the foods that we eat have fat like eggs like avocado like almonds if you’re having steak if you’re having ground beef chicken thighs like these foods are already they already have a natural source of high fats so you don’t need to add like a tablespoon of oil on top of that or and don’t get me wrong.

I add butter to my veggies and it’s delicious and it’s perfect but what I’m saying is you don’t have to add like a half a stick of butter so when I mean um eating too many fats is like just going obsessed like going overboard with fats like you don’t need that because remember like you’re already having your little cream in your coffee you’re already having some cheese here you’re already having avocado, almonds your meats so all of that already contains the fats that are going to fuel our bodies okay.

So I just want to be clear you don’t need to add like pounds of oil and butter and things like that on top of your food because you’re going to get that naturally from the foods that you’re consuming unless you’re making something like let’s say a salad then yeah you’re going to be able to put you know again your avocado and your dressing that can be nice and creamy um if you’re having veggies then sure you go ahead and add some butter but one tablespoon of butter, not five you know what I mean like it’s just about being a little mindful with the fats so you do not need to add additional fats because especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

Remember that your body is going to try and bring your own fat so that’s the goal here at the end of the day if you just go low carb and you eliminate the um the carbs your body is just naturally going to burn your own fat so remember the more fat you eat your body needs to burn through that fat before it starts burning your own body fat so always keep that in mind.

Mistake Number Two: Is eating too many calories so you’re like wait I thought this was all about carbs and yes it is but remember in order for you to see the scale move you need to be in a calorie deficit it’s just what it is you know there’s no like shortcut there’s no like magic pill you need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight so with keto the reason why you see like these crazy results where people are losing 100 pounds you know 50 pounds.

Whatever it’s because keto allows you to it makes it easier you have suppressed appetite you are able to have delicious food so you don’t feel deprived where you’re having like a piece of like a dry chicken with like lettuce and lemon because trust me I’ve been there and that’s how I’ve lost weight in the past and it’s so I was so miserable because like you don’t enjoy your food so keto allows you to have delicious foods um but you still need to be mindful so remember like just because you’re able to eat bacon you’re not going to sit there and eat a pound of bacon.

Right so just remember the mindfulness like calories still matter calories still count yes you’re focused on your 20 net carbs a day but you want to be mindful especially if you’re on a weight loss journey okay so remember be mindful of your calories because that’s a huge mistake it’s like people are like oh but it’s zero carbs I can eat two packs of bacon well yeah it’s two it is zero carbs but you’re never going to see the scale move if you’re consuming that many calories okay so just keep that in mind so let’s move on to the next tip.

Mistake Number Three: Is not eating enough calories so I know you’re like wait a minute you just finished telling me that I’m eating too many calories and now too little yes um so remember it’s all about balance here so if you eat if you don’t eat enough calories what ends up happening is your body goes into like starvation mode right and then it’s going to hold on to everything that you put into your body because our bodies are meant to survive and if it if our bodies feel like we’re not getting enough nutrients things will start happening.

That’s where people will start going into um hair loss I’ve experienced that as well because I’ve I grew up um in a time where the restriction was how people thought was the way to go so I was always like restrict I started intermittent fasting and then what happened when I would break my fast I would restrict and try to eat as little as possible because I wanted to lose weight quickly that’s a huge mistake no you need to fuel your body remember like we need to properly nourish our bodies in order for you to see the results that you want and I know that you’re probably thinking.

Like no like the faster I get there the better, okay well it doesn’t work that way so don’t do that you need to fuel your body give your body the nutrients it needs and then the results will follow so focus on health focus on eating your meals should look healthy yes keto you’re able to use fats but they shouldn’t look like a ton of cheese just every single day like if you look at the foods that.

I actually eat and people that have been really successful on keto they’re going to have their proteins whether it’s chicken steak salmon um you are going to see protein on their plates with their veggies and then whatever it is you can do loaded veggies cauli mash whatever and you will have your healthy fats so that’s what play your plate should look like so just always keep that in mind that if your goal is to lose weight you need to focus on health, okay and the results will follow.

Mistake Number Four: Is eating way too many processed foods so the best results are going to come from sticking to the basics you want to stick to your proteins your eggs your veggies healthy fats and of course, you’re still going to end up having those treats here and there but definitely keep those to a minimum especially if your goal is to lose weight.

Mistake Number Five: Is eating too many low-carb foods so you guys know I am not the person to tell you not to not to eat them because I eat them I like my low-carb tortillas my low-carb flatbreads I like um like the lavash bread all of that stuff I definitely like it and I think that you can totally thrive on a keto diet while consuming them but you have to be mindful you can’t eat them every single day unless you are intermittent fasting most of the day and then you’re eating in a really tight window then.

I would say you’re probably you’ll be okay but if you’re not and you’re trying to have three meals a day I would definitely say they’re more of a treat so I like the tortillas for chips I like the corn tortillas to make my chips I love to make them I go to chipotle there’s just so many different things that you can make with them taquitos and enchiladas and I mean you name it you can make them and they taste amazing and then you have your flour tortillas.

I usually like the missions things like that they’re super good for burritos but if you have too many of them they could definitely stall your weight loss so I’m just here to tell you that it’s a mistake if you think that you can have them every single day and you’re still going to lose the weight and see the results that you see other people posting where you’re like what’s going on why am I not losing weight it can definitely be due to the fact that you’re having a little too much too many low carb foods and that goes the same for your ice creams and your treats and bread and all of that but can you have them yes you can still have them.

I would just definitely be mindful of how much of each product you’re consuming hey guys it’s after dinner and I’m just popping in here because I totally forgot to update you on my five-day ketosis challenge results so overall it was a great reset for me I ended up dropping three pounds and my ketone levels got up to a 1.2 which is absolutely amazing I mean you don’t always have to get sky-high ketones especially.

If you’re already fat-adapted and you’ve been doing keto for a long time but for me, because I’ve been going in and out of ketosis that was great that I was able to get my ketone levels that high so of course I’m going to continue intermittent fasting um I will be using the keto coach app so make sure you download it it’s a great application I use it every single day to track my fasting hours and I just love it and of course in the future, I’ll probably be hosting other challenges for you guys so we can do them together.

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