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Top 10 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Questions

10 ways how to make money affiliate marketing
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If you’re interested in getting started in affiliate marketing, or if you already are affiliate marketing

1. What is the startup cost?

How much is this going to cost me and how much am I going to have to invest?

When you’re creating a niche affiliate marketing website, you basically have two options that I would suggest to you.

One of them is WordPress and one of them is Wix.

These are both website builders and there are a ton of other website builders out thereI’ve tried so many of these and I keep coming back to either WordPress or Wix.

Now WordPress is the cheaper alternative, Wix is definitely more expensive.

The trade-off is WordPress has a little bit bigger of a learning curve,

so you do need some more experience and you might be a little bit frustrated putting the site together,

if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and Wix is just so easy to use.

It’s basically plug-and-play anyone can create the website basically with no website experience at all.

Now WordPress is going to cost about $70 to sign up and that’ll give you one year of hosting.

Wix is going to be about $200, and that’ll give you one year of hosting.

So with that said, the cheapest option is WordPress, that’s about $70 for a year.

And Wix is what I would really recommend because it’s so easy and that’s about $200 per year.

2.  How Do Niche Affiliate Marketing Websites Make Money?

There’s three different main ways that you can monetize a niche affiliate marketing website.

I personally recommend to you guys using one main way and then maybe a second way but there are three main ways that you can across the board.

Number one is the way that I mainly recommend and that is affiliate links.

This can be Amazon affiliate links, this can be other companies direct affiliate links with them.

You basically are suggesting a product to someone as they’re reading through your website.

And when they go purchase that product, you get a commission from the company.

So that is the main way that I suggest and that’s going to be the bulk of the money that you make on your website.

The second way that I also suggest you don’t have to do is adding Google Adsense to your website.

You basically just click a couple buttons to add this to your website and it’s basically Google paying you to place advertisements on your website.

These ads can be from different companies and be on different places on your website.

Little small ads on the side or down at the bottom.

And basically Google will pay you for all the traffic that sees those ads,

so you’re just passively going to make money as you get people to your website.

And then the third one is digital products. There’s a lot of money to be made here.

If you put together an e-book and you sell that on your website for ten or fifteen dollars,

you can make a lot of money there.

But you do also have to actively manage that.

Maybe someone would want a refund or someone didn’t get the download properly.

Those are things that you’re going to have to think about and they’re more hands-on, you have to manage those things.

If you want it to be completely passive, the way that I really recommend,vthen I recommend you monetize with affiliate links and possibly Google Adsense.

That’ll be completely passive.

You won’t have to do anything  or deal with any customer service on the site.

3. This Is, How Long Does It Take Until You Start Making Money?

A lot of the times we want to make money quickly, but with niche affiliate marketing websites, it’s not a quick return.

You have to play the long game here.

Now, I’ve seen sites, even my personal sites have made money in the first couple months.

Now this is not exactly very common and it’s not going to be a substantial amount of money.

But you can start getting affiliate commissions in the first couple months just from people seeing the site and using the links.

If I were to give you a general benchmark amount of time of how long it’s really going to take until you start making substantial income,

it’s probably between 6 months and twelve months.

That’s going to be a safe amount of time where you can assume that you’re going to start making substantial money.

4. How Much Money Do You Actually Make?

So this one has a very straightforward answer to this.  

But I would say a modest benchmark of how much money you’re going to be making is at year one, twelve months in,

your site should be making about $1,000 per month completely passively.

Now, this is going to continue to grow even if you’re not putting more work on this site.

So by year two, month twenty four, you’re probably going to be around the $3,000 month benchmark.

Now that’s the modest benchmark that I would go off of but just know that I have seen by year two these sites start to make seven, eight, nine, ten thousand dollars per month.

Now after this point your site is basically hit its peak.

So it’s going to plateau and continue to earn about that same amount that it’s making at year two.

5.And this is how many articles do I have to write on my website?

Another very straightforward answer for you guys and I recommend putting at least 30 articles on your website.

That’s it, at least 30, you can do more but get at least 30 on your website.

6. What should I be writing in these articles?

What Types Of Articles Should I Be Putting On My Website?

There’s three types of articles that you should be writing. One-third of your articles should be education, answering questions.

For example, Can climbing shoes get wet?

That’s something that someone’s going to type into Google and they’re going to need a response.

If you can put together a good helpful article that gives that answer, Google will show it in the search results.

Another one-third of your articles should be review posts. So these are posts that review a specific product.

You can even compare two different products.

This product versus this product and then you’re giving a review on both and suggesting what might be a better option for someone in a certain situation.

Oftentimes, you see these as specific products on Amazon, and then you write a full comprehensive review about that product,

so when someone’s looking at that product on Amazon, they may read the short reviews on Amazon.

But then they might also go to Google and type in that product and review and look for something that’s a little bit more in-depth.

That’s where your content will come in. And then the last one-third of the articles that you write should be Top Lists So this is going to be posts like

The Top 5 Climbing Shoes for People with Wide Feet.

This is very similar to the Review Posts.

But it’s going to be suggesting the top ones in the industry  or in the niche and then essentially for each of those five items,

or three items or ten items, however long the list is. You’re writing a short review,

maybe the pros and cons of what that item is and why they’re a good option for someone to purchase.

7. How long should these articles be?

Another very straightforward answer here and that is at least 1000 words. You want to really aim for 1500 words or more.

But if you can get at least a thousand words in your article, that is a great starting point and Google will easily rank that content.

8. This is another common one that I’ve been getting recently, and that is, Can you outsource the writing of the articles?

The answer is Yes and No.

I’ve had experience with this,

I’ve tried out a couple of different companies and what I can report back to you is that it’s going to cost you a substantial amount of money per article to get a good article written.

There are websites that offer this and you basically give them the title or the topic and then they have writers who do research on it and write the whole article for you.

The price ranges go by how many words are in that article. So for going off the basis of using 1500 words per article,

you’re going to pay somewhere between $9 and $90 for that article.

I’ve tried a couple different tiers to see the quality of the content that comes out of it, and I found that the lower tiers,

the $9 and the $12 for an article are just really bad and it’s basically just a waste of your time.

You’re better off just writing the article yourself. I got pretty solid results of articles when I was paying $32 per article.

But again, you have to be willing to spend $32 per article to have them written for you.

A lot of the times by writing them yourself,

you just naturally put in better quality and more time and maybe a little bit more research into your articles and you’re saving yourself $32 to get that article, so that is more up to you.

But just know that the most common thing in my experience that I found is when you’re trying to find an affordable article to be written for you,

the quality just doesn’t exactly come back right and you end up going in and editing the whole thing and basically rewriting it.

However, if you’re willing to pay for more of the premium articles to be written,

you can get pretty good content. If you guys want to see an entire video on this down the road,

let me know and I can put together kind of comparing the articles, the quality that comes back for the prices.

Just let me know if you’d like a longer more in-depth video on outsourcing articles.

9. This is do you need photos in your articles?

And a lot of people don’t think about this. 

Yes, you do need photos. I recommend having one photo at the top and keeping the file size of the photo pretty small.

If you can resize the photo, I like to make it about 920 pixels wide by whatever the corresponding ratio is tall.

By using that size or similar. It makes the photo file size small, so your website still loads fast, but the quality of the image is still clear. So there’s no pixelation.

All right number 10 and then I’m going to put one bonus one after this.

10  what is your best tip or best piece of advice you can give to anyone starting a niche affiliate marketing website?

The best advice I can give you is two part. One, focus on the long game, you’re going to earn money down the road, not soon.

And part two, to that is get all your articles out as fast as you can. Like I said earlier, you want to get at least 30 good articles on your website.

And if you can get them out, one per day for the first 30 days and then not touch your site ever again,

you are going to be in really good shape and Google will love that high velocity of uploading good content in the beginning.

So even if you can only do one article per week, that’s still going to be good. But what I don’t want you to do is create your site, put an article on it and then come back six months later and then start adding more articles then.

Google likes the high velocity of new content in the beginning.

So my best piece of advice for you is when you make your site, start getting your content out as soon as you can.

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