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This is the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition

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What am I doing today we’re looking at something a little bit different space the discovery of this zen book 14x OLED space edition.

zen book 14x oled space edition
zen book 14x OLED

Oled is always a good thing and a space edition is even better because I love all things space very robust not the typical packaging you might want to hang on to this package an unusual and unexpected logo over here.

I think this has Velcro on it does that why do I do that oh my god that’s different outer space kind of cryptic.

Well, the finish of this laptop comes with patterns of the mirror station and morse code the arc lines on the lid symbolize a space capsule and the morse code translates by ad Astra per Aspera.

This means through the hardships to the stars in Latin wow that’s what you like with a special edition you like special attention.

That’s what you have there you have a separate box for what they say they use the boxes to stand so you’re gonna reuse the packaging nice man they’ve been stepping up their game with these laptop unboxings every single one truly feels special.

zen book 14x oled space edition
zen book 14x oled space edition

Unique what they sent a laptop into space previously and this is a celebration of the 25-year anniversary of laptops in space but we are curious to explore the world and go beyond space is cool again.

I’m happy to see it back is a screen on the outside of the laptop I like this color too it’s a very light 14-inch laptop, by the way, it’s 2.8 pounds 14-inch laptop.

What a time to be alive they’ve done it with robust materials here metal matte finish tons of ports as well micro-sd card slot an analog audio port a USB type port on the other side a USB type-c thunderbolt 4.

zen book 14x oled space edition

They even managed to get a full-size HDMI port in there just barely look at how hard that is if you’re wondering.

How thin this thing is you know the size of an HDMI port it’s quite razor-thin you’re gonna have the latest generation intel core h series processors available up to 32 gigs of onboard memory the display 14-inch 16 by 10 aspect ratio 2880 by 1800 pixels at 90 hertz remember that’s on an OLED.

zen book 14x oled space edition

That also happens to be a touchscreen how about this for peak brightness 550 nits SSD is going to be one terabyte PCIe that’s name m.2 the battery is 63-watt hours 2.87 pounds.

It really is a special edition oh these are stickers cool big sticker guy abstract subtle interesting space edition.

I don’t mind it check the planet right there oh so this logo I’ve been calling it a logo is actually the mirror station this is in morse code you suggest.

This means cockpit this is the 2011 zen book all in morse code look at that chiclet-style keyboard I like the larger font super comfortable place to type.

zen book 14x oled space edition

It’s like reusable packaging that you can elevate your laptop to an even more comfortable position without needing to buy an accessory.

Wait for a second wait very portable for 100 watt that’s a 100-watt power adapter to Type C so it doesn’t have to be proprietary so you unfold this like this.

Then you do like this nice it looks kind of cool oh I just saw the exterior screen for the first time whoa there’s a space guy that is cool it shows up.

So much better than some of those previous ones this is a brightly lit environment and you can see that animation.

I like how it shows up so vividly that is some serious personalization and uniqueness with this system if somebody sees you with it you’re gonna turn some heads for sure that is cool.

How about the space-inspired wallpaper we’re getting the typical OLED stuff nice contrast the deep black color and the vibrance of the colors smart notifications you can have notifications pop up on this external display.

An animated theme that’s what we have by default or you can customize your very own animation and then last up personalize the message.

Status your name or your company or something like that an identifier here’s a crazy little tidbit apparently this 14x space edition is designed to withstand the punishing demands of actual space travel complies.

With the ultra-tough, us space systems command standard smcs o16a testing protocols torture tested to space-grade standards for resistance to extreme vibration.

High low operational temperatures additionally it meets us department of defense mil standard 810h durability standard operational temp 61 degrees Celsius on the hot side.

Minus 24 degrees Celsius on the cold type.

So I don’t know if you plan on going to space anytime soon but this laptop will go with you there definitely for all your children there’s definitely a low-end minister but of course, this story has become whole it’s louder than I expected absolutely.

zen book 14x oled space edition
zen book 14x OLED space edition

So they’re gonna be coming out left and right article true stereo and surprisingly effective as far as clarity is concerned.

It’s a nice little unique kind of package it’s different it’s special it’s spacey face age you got the display on there.

Which is a completely unique solid metallic build don’t forget the OLED which is probably the number one attribute of plenty of pixels and surprising sound let’s go to space together it’s the zen book 14 x OLED space edition.

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