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The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Rog Flow Z13 Tablet

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This one does so today we’re checking out a unique form factor from rog this is the flow z13 it’s kind of a convertible type thing a little bit of gaming teeny tiny bit of gaming.

You can have an Nvidia 3050 mobile chip inside of here so that’s pretty cool this is a box in a box scenario oh look at this very dense metallic box pull tab over here.

Rog Flow Z13 tablet
Rog Flow Z13 tablet

I have a 12700h chip that’s from intel it’s an i7 2.3 gigahertz it has a one terabyte SSD 16 gigs of ram RTX 3050 ti laptop GPU WQU x ga at 60 hertz 500 nits there’s a lower resolution 120-hertz option available as well a camera on the back.

Since it’s a tablet you can actually shoot photos from here nice kickstand prop this thing up in a number of different angles comfy grip because you have.

This Alcantara-like soft-touch material a rubber portion down here for a little durability possibly looks at that even.

Rog Flow Z13 tablet
Rog Flow Z13 tablet

The little tap turns on the red lighting that’s fully RGB capable but of course, you have the rog style with the red on there.

This gives us our first glance at the inside and this is what your setup looks like full-size keyboard setup but it pulls off just like this.

You can take that to the couch you can see the RGB lit up so it’s no longer just read and we can take this angle all the way down to this for like a desktop touch-based input snaps into place.

Have it flat on the table like that or up in this ergonomically pleasing kind of angle you also wonder with the soft hybrid soft hard keyboard decks.

How they’re going to feel to type on and this one actually doesn’t flex very much and then the whole package just flaps down into something that’s incredibly thin and light.

Rog Flow Z13 tablet
Rog Flow Z13 tablet

We have our power button over here this is going to be your volume rocker volume up and down USB type a there’s an analog audio port on this side of the device.

We have a thunderbolt USB type-c connector this is an interesting port because this is going to be for expansion if you want to have an e-GPU

Take your gaming to an even more enhanced place then you can use this external port to do so having that flexibility in that expansion is nice as well.

So, that’s what it looks like it’s actually pretty portable itself that’s a hundred-watt power adapter and it’s not a proprietary connector it’s charging over type c.

This is nice because you probably have these things lying around I don’t know if you have 100 watts lying around but you could charge slowly with some of your extra power adapters there’s also an extension cable in here.

So, 4k on a 13-inch display is a very tight pixel density so that’s going to be a really nice viewing experience that option is going to give you 60 hertz if you’re going to spend a lot of time gaming on this device.

You probably will opt for the 120 hertz 1080p FHD version of this display so you have that option I really like this design touch with the RGB.

Rog Flow Z13 tablet
Rog Flow Z13 tablet

On the back just gives it a little bit of extra personality compared to it it’s not business all the time it’s something a little bit more special it feels a little bit more I don’t know futuristic.

So, of course, we have an armory crate built-in here it’s gonna give you your specs temperatures uh memory storage but it’s also going to let you control your system lighting wallpaper.

In things like this, you can see you have all types of RGB effects as well as brightness and boost the brightness up over here static breathing strobing you can create your own in the aura creator.

It’s a lot of personalization let’s go ahead and hear the speakers 2160p inside that stick is already noise here there are potatoes on the table picked out.

I think you’re going to get a kick out of them I’ve never even seen anything like it before and the reason we have gathered around very loud for video watching is definitely stereo since the speakers are down here on the bottom.

That’s kind of where your hands want to live so just like you just flip it like this and then you hold it down here.

Then the speakers are lined up with your actual ear location that’s a tip if you pick this up don’t be afraid to flip it around now there’s also a pen that you can get for pen input.

Then that’s where some of these angles of input really come into play it is touch-capable for both your finger or pen so there you have it that is the rog flow z13 with the gamer styling.

Going on stealth-like look pass-through RGB window flexibility of a tablet with touch input also some productivity with the keyboard.

The ability to be expanded via e-GPU and external peripherals to create a real portable gaming setup that can be as powerful as you want it to be but it also has RTX 3050 mobiles built-in so you can do a little bit of gaming rog flow z13.

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