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The Best Tools For Ecommerce In The Market

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Appsumo deals are Appsumo recommended deals which are very useful tools and applications for E-Commerce. We have found some useful tools which are available below.


So your online store’s poppin’ off.

Success is great, but it’s getting overwhelming.

Buyers and potential customers have questions about products, deliveries, refunds, and exchanges… You want to answer them, but trying to manage CX across all your channels is a fool’s errand.

However, if you leave messages unanswered, you’ll damage your brand, your reputation, and kill your growth.

So what do you do? Clone your customer service team? Ask them to work 25 hours a day? Or make it easy on everyone with MyAlice? AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for savvy eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Today we’re talking about MyAlice – the customer service automation platform that centralizes your CX and helps you turn more visitors into repeat customers.

Let’s do this! Getting started with MyAlice is as simple as connecting your existing communication channels.

The MyAlice peeps had you in mind when they created this software, so you’ve got integrations to basically every platform you could be using with your store: your eCommerce platform; Facebook Messenger; Instagram; Telegram; WhatsApp… It’s a hefty list, so I won’t name everything, but you’ve got pretty much all your bases covered.

Once your integrations are set, your whole store is centralized.

You can approve order updates and refunds, get all the customer info your agents will need from the CRM, and you even get a sneak peek into the customer’s interaction data so you know what they’ve viewed, added to cart, and purchased to help your team upsell even more products.

Once you get your channels set up, you’re ready to create your first automation sequences.

You get a standard “Welcome” template to get you off the ground, then you have the ability to add additional automation to cover common scenarios you encounter like purchasing questions, refunds, and support tickets.

All of this automation is based on triggers you create, so you can customize everything to fit your audience.

Plus, in the sequences themselves, you can send text, media, and collect user info so you can get really deep into Natural Language Processing – if that’s your thing.

But the world of customer service is far from predictable.

It’s kinda like online dating in that way – because you’re going to run into a lot of weird scenarios you never would have anticipated.

Yes, your automation will cover most of your tickets, but sometimes, you’ll have interactions that slip through the cracks.

For those cases, it’s easy to program a message like: “An agent will contact you shortly,” then forward the ticket to someone on your team.

Because everything’s centralized in MyAlice, your CX folks just need to head into the inbox and they can reply to everything right from there.

And to make sure you’re delegating effectively, you can track all of your stats within your Analytics dashboard, included for you free with MyAlice.

And that’s it.

If growing your brand through customer service automation seems like the next logical step on your path to total market domination, go ahead and grab MyAlice.


Is your marketing starting to feel a little stale? If you’ve ever wondered how to stand out from the crowd while enhancing customer experience and optimizing engagement, I’m about to blow your mind.

AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs.

Today we’re talking about Aryel – the no-code Web AR platform that helps marketers launch engaging augmented reality experiences in just 3-clicks.

Let’s enter the Matrix! So I know the words Augmented Reality immediately invokes an image of scrolling ones and zeros, but Aryel makes things super simple with 5  easy to use campaign triggers.

The Face recognition trigger can be used to create interesting filters or virtual try-on experiences.

Geolocation triggers initiate your campaign when a certain location is reached.

Markers trigger when something like a QR code has been scanned.

Image allows you to use any photo and designs to trigger your campaign.

Or Surface which will place your object on any surface in this reality..

Kinda like that little dancing hot dog filter.

Let’s say you choose the surface option for your campaign.

Simply upload any 3D design you have and drag and drop it into Aryel.

Visitors will be able to see and freely manipulate your object.

Add call to action buttons in any style you like with a click.

This is a great way to boost sales by allowing users to visualize products in real-life settings.

Don’t have a 3D object ready? No problem – There are over thirty thousand ready to go 3D models free to use with your account.

Your brand identity is priceless.

That’s why Aryel has a white-label feature that enables you to customize all the visual elements of the interface like your logo, color palette, fonts, and more.

You can even use your domain to guarantee the user a native experience during the journey.

It’s not all fun and games.

Aryel also provides useful insights and analytics that you can find in your dashboard: get to know your users, and shape your campaigns based on their preferences! Track how users are finding the experience, interaction times, what country they’re from and lots of other actionable information.

And that’s it! Modernize your marketing efforts with your own version of Pokemon Go, and pick up Aryel.


Would you rather…

A) Waste your precious time writing marketing emails that might not get results…

B) Hire a copywriter for $1,000+ a month, or…

C) Get EmailWritr – and leverage a  conversion-focused virtual copywriter to crank out as many emails as you need in a matter of minutes?  

If you picked C, stick around because I’m about to give you all the deets.

AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace  for the best deals on software.

Today I’m pumped to tell you about EmailWritr,  the software that helps you write emails that get more opens, more clicks, and more sales.

Writing email copy is one of those things where it’s like: “I hate it  but I have to do it if I want to make money.” Thankfully, EmailWritr simplifies the whole process by making it like a marketing Mad Lib.

Let me show you what I mean… Start by selecting the industry you’re writing for from this massive list.

You’ve got everything from SaaS to Coaching & Consulting, eCommerce to Affiliate Marketing, Real Estate to Agencies… Just to name a few! This platform works for any industry or niche you can think of.

For this example,  though — we’ll say you’re writing emails to promote an upcoming webinar.

Your next prompt is to select the type of email you want.

 So think of this as setting the objective for your sequence.

 Are you inviting people to your webinar for the first time? Are you following up? Are you sending out a replay? Once you’ve made that choice, hit the “Create Your Email” button to get started.

Now, the good stuff.

Super simple, easy to follow, straightforward Q&A that the conversion-focused virtual copywriter is going to use to write your emails.

 It’ll only take about four seconds from the time you finish answering the questions to the time your emails are ready.

It literally takes longer for your phone’s Face ID to recognize you.

Maybe Tim Cook could take a few pointers from the EmailWritr team… You’ve also got access to a massive vault of email swipes inside of the “Done For You  Sequence” section of EmailWritr.

The DFY works almost like the Custom Sequences,  except you don’t have to answer any questions.

Just pick your industry,  choose the type of email you want, and fill in the blanks.

You can also create standalone or single emails.

Pretty handy if you’re an agency, copywriter, or freelance marketer.

Ready to put email marketing to work for you? Then you need  EmailWritr!

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