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Some of The Best Social Media Marketing Tools

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Appsumo deals are Appsumo recommended deals which are very useful tools and applications for Marketing. We have found some useful tools which are available below.


Someone once said: “Mo’ social platforms, mo’ problems.” Okay, no one said that, but they would have if they’d known how much time busy entrepreneurs like you waste managing content.

Have you ever taken the time to calculate it? An hour a day? Two? Three? What if we could cut that down to like, 15 minutes a day instead? Meet SocioBoard.

AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for savvy social media marketers.

Today, we’re talking about SocioBoard: a leading social media management software that lets you free up your time by creating, planning, and scheduling your content.

The big idea behind SocioBoard is to give you one place where you can manage all of your social media content. Just connect your accounts.

SocioBoard currently supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

And you can get started right away.

Write out your post, add photos, videos, or links, then check out the preview to make sure everything looks good before you send it out into the world.

If it passes the test, you can publish it now or schedule it for a date and time of your choosing.

Once you’ve got the fundamentals locked in, it’s time to ascend to the rank of social media master.

On the SocioBoard dashboard, you get a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on across your accounts. Stats? Check. Upcoming posts? Check. Reporting? Check.

And if you want more intel, the peeps at SocioBoard let you get into the nitty-gritty with your “Reports.”

On this dashboard, you get access to details about your posts, your followers, and your engagement across each of your connected accounts.

The hits don’t stop there.

SocioBoard also gives you access to such timeless classics as.

Adding team members to help manage your account, particularly useful if you’re an agency.

A cloud-based image library where you can store content for future posts.

And even competitor analysis tools that let you live out your deepest, darkest NSA-related fantasies.

And that’s that! If you’re ready to streamline your social game and join the 20,000+ other businesses doing the same, grab SocioBoard today.


Knowing where to invest your time on social media can feel like a lot of guesswork.

But it doesn’t have to be! That’s why you need to hear about Maybe.

AppSumo, the #1 name in the game for the best deals on software.

Today, I can’t wait to tell you all about Maybe, the social media management platform that helps you drive better results for your business with better insights, easy-to-use content scheduling, Facebook boosting, and detailed reporting tools.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on any of our killer products! Alright, let’s get into it! We’ll start off in the Maybe dashboard, where you can see high-level engagement from the past 7 days right when you log in.

If you click on any of the stats, you can see more detailed reporting without having to leave the Maybe platform.

How cool is that? The feature that sets Maybe apart is the robust reporting that helps you compare your performance with key accounts and competitors in your same industry.

This feature is also available in the dashboard! Just search for other brands in your space and you can start pulling in insights to compare what they’re doing on social with what your business is doing.

Compare your best posts against theirs and see detailed metrics side-by-side to get in-depth insights into how to optimize your social media to drive more engagement.

There’s a ton of great insights available in the dashboard, but that’s not all Maybe has to offer! It’s super easy to schedule your content from Maybe* you can see in one easy calendar what you have posted, how it has performed, and what is scheduled to go next.

What’s more, you can take inspiration from the best-performing content in your sector.

Next, let’s check out how Maybe supports your ad campaigns.

When you connect your ad accounts to Maybe, you can easily see how your ads are performing.

Now you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your ads to make sure you’re getting the highest return on your ad spend.

Running social media reports can often mean logging into multiple different platforms and consolidating the data.

But not with Maybe! From the Reports tab, you can easily build reports for all of your accounts with just a few clicks.

Finally, let’s take a look at the insight graph where you can compare your results to all of your competitors at once.

This feature gives you a high-level look at how all of your competitors are doing on social media and makes it easy to dig into the data for competitors that are seeing a lot of social media engagement.

Are you tired of juggling multiple social platforms and doing your own manual competitor research? Then it’s time to get Maybe*! Get lifetime access today!

Konnect Insights

Are you having trouble managing all your social media marketing? Wish there was a better way to measure the success of each platform? It’s time you started using Konnect Insights.

AppSumo, the leading digital marketplace for entrepreneurs.

Today I’m pumped to show you Konnect Insights, the social media management and analytics platform that will take your social marketing to the next level.

Konnect Insights, you can connect your pages from just about every major social media platform and look at all the analytics in one place.

With any one of your pages, you can select the specific duration and look at all the metrics that are important for you to track.

You can scroll through page-related data, post-related data, and all the insights you need for all of your social channels, in one modular dashboard.

But here’s the superpower of Konnect Insights.

Once it has enough data to work with, it will start suggesting optimal times for you to engage with your audience.

Want to know the best time to tweet? How about when to post a YouTube video or Instagram story? Konnect Insights will figure it out for you.

If you want to dive into your data, you can actually click on singular data points to see specific posts like this one, so that you know exactly what your data is referring to.

If you want to analyze your competition, Konnect Insights offers easy-to-use comparative analysis for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Just check out how detailed this analysis is.

You can see the percentage of your competition’s fans who are engaging and how they’re engaging over time.

But here’s the kicker: you can see the specific posts that are performing well, what their fans are posting on them, and how they compare with your brand’s post.

Now if you’re having trouble keeping track of all your posting, Konnect Insights has got you covered with their publishing features.

You can easily draft, schedule, and publish all your social media from one place.

That way, you’ll never lose track or forget to post ever again.

Finally, different teams can collaborate seamlessly through approval workflows and the creative asset library, where you can upload the media in advance and use it for publishing.

And that’s a wrap on Konnect Insights.

If you’re looking to transform your social media marketing and analysis, start using Konnect Insights today!

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