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Samsung New Portable Smart Projector

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Today we’re taking a look at a new portable smart projector with some cool features it’s from Samsung the packaging.

Very exclusive marketing sample not for sale so this is an early look.

Portable Smart Projector

How portable this thing is to look at that this is the projector I believe they’re going to be making cases for these waterproof cases for this.

So you can take it with you on the go and kind of create a party wherever you happen to be they’re going to be creating as well socket functionality.

So you can insert this into lamps so your typical light socket and then just point it wherever you like it will deal with the variety of angles.

It will just automatically gauge the surface that it’s pointing at and then project an optimal image for that surface up to 100 inches on top of that it has 360-degree audio built into it as well.

Portable Smart Projector

The device is smart you’re going to be able to launch your streaming apps and watch your content directly on it you do have a tiny little Micro HDMI port.

On there as well there’s also a switch for a built-in microphone and then of course there’s a USB C port directly underneath that.

This is your USB C cable interestingly it’s a right angle connector on one side this is pretty cool it also looks like it has mounting points possibly for wall mounting if you choose.

All right so that is covering up your lens top of the device here actually looks to have some touch buttons.

Portable Smart Projector

So you’ve got power probably volume up down and there is a remote actually right over here.

So a very simple and obviously portable remote to go with it to keep the entire package small Netflix Disney plus Samsung TV plus and prime video volume up and down.

Some channel buttons home and then this circular touchpad in the middle here for navigating your content it is a smart projector.

So everything you’re used to in a Smart TV is going to be inside this tiny little package and then another key this microphone input since typing things.

Portable Smart Projector

On a screen from a distance on a tiny remote is not the most ideal and this is going to charge up over USB type C.

The volume button is cool like if you just want to have a window if the view in your room is not very cool you can do one of these instead you have scenery that you can set up like a mountain.

For example but it looks like a window kind of tricks you with the window frame there you start to you think you’re looking at a mountain these cinema graphs move.

So how about this which is some snow going on and you might like this look at this I think you were like this nice snowy day.

So you can stream to this device from a mobile device if you just want a bigger display now that could be convenient in a portable or party-like setting.

Where you want to you know let other people just push their content out to a much bigger display currently.

So maybe I should just play some music real quick just to get a just to be certain what we’re dealing with over here I’m ex hip-hop instrumental that’s a little party.

I mean you could have a little you have a little gathering you could definitely put up a sporting event you could put up a UFC fight or something using this.

it’s going to be a party you can get a 100-inch screen without even being that far away from the wall.

So that’s the other thing you don’t need an enormous space to get an enormous visual.

So that’s the beauty of it very portable all right now the other thing I need to mention is the beauty of the setup.

The auto keystone and the autofocus are one of the fastest I’ve ever seen you just point this thing at a wall.

It does not have to be perfectly aligned it figures everything out I’ll show you.

What I’m talking about I just I’m just going to that’s crazy you better stop it’s crazy often it can be a nightmare to set up a projector.

Get a nice frame but with this auto keystone and autofocus regardless of distance and angle, it’s still capable of providing an event horizon.

You could shoot at the ceiling lay in bed and do all that movie night laying down because you need to relax more.

Just got real crazy and this is how he likes to throw parties he takes a projector and he takes it in a corner and then puts on some real visual atmospheric type situations.

Portable Smart Projector

Then you arrive at the party and you’re like he’s one of these guys a dedicated waterproof case will be available it is dark khaki in color.

Most importantly a dedicated battery pack will be available once you can purchase the device.

So you can be completely mobile with it is the freestyle projector from Samsung a new take a new concept big image big screen small package big party big to this guy you.

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