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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Z Flip 3 Review

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Samsung’s galaxy z fold 3 and z flip 3 and my first impression was that this generation felt a bit iterative like an iPhone on an s here I mean from some angles the only way to tell the new ones from the old is with the help of the security sticker that Samsung put on my personal phone’s cameras in order to prevent leaks fixing the barn door after the horse is already gone but hey I get it but there are more upgrades peppered in than it first appears especially on the smaller phone so let’s start there I finally found a phone case gaudy enough for me the galaxy z flip 3 solves its predecessor’s biggest problem by ditching that minuscule 1.1-inch cover screen in favor of a new 1.9-inch panel that thanks to our friend Pythagoras effectively quadruples the display area stupid faces that means you can now actually read entire text messages without opening the phone
something you really couldn’t do before and it also gives you room for custom clocks wallpapers widgets even some animated animal friends.

That surprised me during my hands-on the new flip also just looks great the gorilla glass vicus casing has gotten a fancy face lift with two-tone color options now totaling seven bracketed by a more angular aluminum chassis that Samsung says is about 10 stronger than prior generations and in a much bigger deal finally both flip and fold are certified to ipx8 capable of taking a bath under one and a half meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes that’s a big win for the foldable world but still don’t be too careless with it at the beach because water can still enter either phone through the hinge the phone relies on an internal coating to prevent damage so seawater or even chlorinated pool water are things you want to avoid and sadly the x in that Ip rating means these things are not dust tight either on both models Samsung still relies on micro brushes within the hinge to keep it clear of debris inside the flip 3’s display has been upgraded to correct my biggest complaint about last year’s it’s bright enough that now you should be able to see it better in the sun the refresh rate has also been bumped to 120 hertz for the smooth scrolling befitting a flagship phone and ditto for the cover display on the fold 3. and on both flip and fold when you slide your finger across that screen you’ll no longer feel the rubbery mess of last year’s TPU screen protector there’s still a factory applied top layer but it’s now made of a substance called pet which is more flexible less prone to bubbling up and it just feels better under a fingertip.

It’s very similar to the ultra-thin glass that actually makes up the screen underneath now that’s a lot of upgrades to both these phones and of course you get new processors to go with it so why did I start off by saying this generation feels iterative well because a lot of core features here are staying the same the flip’s battery capacity is the same as last year and on the fold it actually came down by two percent more frustrating each phone’s primary camera array is also the same as last year at least on the spec sheet now look I’ve taken some wonderful photos with both the fold 2 and flip 5g over the past year but I’ve also taken a lot that really should have come out better considering how expensive this family of devices is recycling those cameras is a clear indication that Samsung’s key motivator this year was to hit a price point another one being that there won’t be a charging brick included in the box of course there is one major camera change and that comes on the fold three but it’s cosmetic in a bid for a more consistent canvas.

Samsung has hidden the internal selfie shooter beneath the primary display I actually don’t mind the effect which isn’t as bad as my camera makes it out to be but Samsung made a big sacrifice on resolution here with only a 4 megapixel sensor the company justifies that by saying most fold owners used the cover camera for selfies and the inner camera more for video calls but as one of those owners I can tell you the inner camera still comes in handy for selfies because especially in flex mode that’s the only camera you have that can give you a preview of the shot my initial thought is that this change probably was not a great call thankfully the last update I’m covering today is much more useful this is the first year in a decade that Samsung isn’t releasing a new galaxy note so it’s passing the torch to the fold family in the form of the s pen stylus two of them actually a 49 fold edition for the essentials or a 99 pro model with more advanced Bluetooth enabled features like remote camera shutter both pens also have a clever retractable tip to.
Prevent you from damaging the folds display by pressing too hard sadly Samsung couldn’t find space for a silo in the fold three’s casing so if you want to sheath that smaller s pen you’ll need to spring for the 79 combo pack that includes a case with a special sleeve there’s a lot I can’t answer about these phones after just an hour like how those inner camera selfies will turn out on the fold three how well the new millimeter-wave 5g works on the flip 3 and whether the troubling fatigue cracking issue from the last generation.

Has really been fixed by these displays which Samsung says are now 80 stronger and capable of 200 000 folds those answers will have to wait for my initial and long-term reviews which I’ll achieve as always by buying these phones once my review units have to go back to Samsung and what I pay for them is what you’ll pay for them the full three will come in three colors starting just under eighteen hundred dollars while the flip three makes history for a foldable by launching a penny below the four-figure mark at 9.99 when you consider that last year’s prices were 2 000 and almost 1500 respectively and when you stack up this year’s aggressive trade-in offers it seems clear that for Samsung this isn’t just a passing fad but a genuine play to make foldables the new next big thing I’m all aboard for that because the more success Samsung enjoys.

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