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Realme Narzo 30 5G 15 Days Usage Review

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This is the real me narzo 30 5g I’ve been using it as my primary smartphone for about two weeks now and while i like a lot of what this phone has to offer there are some things i really dislike too so what are these things well let’s list them all out so that you can make an informed decision on if this is the right mid-range for you hey guys ash here from and if you do end up liking what you see here well you know what to do so let’s get straight to it first off as always the build a few years back we were getting 10 000 rupee phones with metal and glass but sadly that’s not the case anymore and like with most brands in this segment we have a plastic back on this narzo too from a looks perspective this raceway strip is something i really like uh it adds a little bit of pizzazz much needed pizzazz to the design and you know the entirety of this back is glossy so it’s fingerprint scaler on the flip side real means included a TPU case in the box so that should help elevate the fingerprint issues a little bit now because they’ve gone for a plastic build one of the side effects is reduced to weight reduced weight without a compromise on battery capacity talking about which there’s a solid 5000 milliamp hour battery here and it does swimmingly well it’s good enough to the point where this phone kind of messed up my charging habits 12 in the night in bed 49 by the night stand i still go eh it’s the narzo 30 5g.

I don’t care I’ll find it in the morning that confidence stems from the fact that every time i did this the next morning I’d find the phone with at least 40 in the tank that is how good the battery life is with moderate use getting through a day on a single charge it’s a breeze and the included charger well it’s technically only 18 watts and you can take that as a negative compared to the competition’s 25 or even real me zone 30 watt charges it’s still reasonably fast good enough for the occasional top up now we were talking about belt and i kind of got sidetracked with the battery so let’s return back to the belt the weight here is 185 grams that makes this phone pretty easy to use it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying around a brick it’s still wide and long enough that you’re going to have to use both hands more often than not but that said let’s say you’re on a long call the wrist fatigue it’s not there because it’s 185 grams and well on the topic of called cellular reception call quality on point nothing to complain about the earpiece buds does not double as a speaker so we only get a single downwards firing speaker and the output is a little bit on the query set of things.

I would have preferred it to be a little louder especially when you compare it to the competition it’s a little noticeable that said unlike some of the competition real me does justice to that 5g branding you see by including support for seven bands so this seems to be a realme 5g phone appreciate that other sundries include the presence of a headphone jack the output’s decent nothing too special there’s a triple cut slot to the left so dedicated micro SD the fingerprint scanner is built into the power key it resets to the right it’s pretty fast and responsive I never really had any issues with it or for that matter even face unlock was as responsive as you could expect it to be now face unlock selfie camera that’s my biggest issue no the selfie camera is not my issue but rather what’s on top of the selfie camera the glass protecting the display it’s not gorilla glass which is okay you know not going to about that a lot uh the fact that they’ve omitted even an oleophobic uh coating here this display it just picks up all your residue from your fingers and it gets smudged real easily that results in some pictures looking like this when the actual performance of the selfie camera is this so as you can see the 16 megapixel selfie camera here it does quite well with detail even with dynamic range but you’re going to have to constantly wipe off that camera before you shoot accidentally shoot something without even thinking about you know just like with any other phone just take a selfie and a little while later you see oh that’s merged so now this is also an issue with day-to-day use this is 2021.

I thought we were way past you know phone shipping without an oleophobic coating but sadly real me screwed me wrong and if you can look past this then this display is actually quite good you know the peak brightness is 600 nits so outdoors under direct sunlight using it is not an issue this is not one of those first 90 hertz panels they brought about which had brightness issues and yes this is a 90-hertz panel 120-hertz touch sampling it makes everything feel a little more responsive it’s an IPS panel with good color reproductions and as expected stellar viewing angles it’s not a pleasantly surprising 720p panel either it’s full HD plus so if not for the lack of an oleophobic coating I’d say Realme has nailed the display aspect here now one common issue with 90-hertz panels or just high refresh rate panels, in general, is on mid-ranges sometimes the chip inside it’s just not able to uh output all those frames consistent.

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