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OnePlus Nord 2 Unboxing

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Today we’ve got the brand new Oneplus Nord 2 but before I get into it I got some extras for you knew we had to bring some opportunity to win one of your very own these are the blue haze color 12 gigs of ram 256 storage. Guess what we took a great affordable phone and added more of everything let’s just crack into it and see what we are working with so first I guess I got to pull this part off oh you see the important color here this is the official Oneplus Nord color it’s like a teal we have cases and the device that’s why we got a special box so first things first here’s the device and it is the blue haze as well so the one we’re going to look at today is the exact same one you stand a chance to win in the giveaway it’s also packing a MediaTek density chip inside of it to go with the 12 gigs of ram and the 256 storage here are the cases they’ve included whoa holy stylish so uh this one is like a graffiti this is really cool it’s layered and kind of painted below and then also on top it’s called doodle chaos.

The Oneplus Nord two 5g quantum bumper case we’ll check that out in a moment this one I’m going to just call it sunset or beach it’s actually called desert mirage which is even cooler and then we have the sandstone bumper case so this is the one that’s going to have the texture on it we will try all of these on after we have unboxed the device so let’s peel it I don’t think a knife is necessary. I can already see that front-facing camera in the top corner and this shimmer around the edge of it lets peel this off oh also in-display fingerprint obviously and once again they have a very striking color it kind of it’s like something very tropical about it and almost appetizing which is strange because you rarely would eat food of this color but that could just be me and the fact that I’m starving right now I don’t know that could play a role let me peel this off but it definitely looks fresh you see your camera units up top as well as your flash in that location and then you have this accent color on.

On the side which is this reflective more metallic blue color power button, you still have your little vibration silent rocker with the texture on it many people are a fan of this on the other side you have your volume on the bottom is your sim tray as well as your USB type-c connector and your speaker is over there too let’s peel off the screen protector while we’re here very well all right also inside the package we have another case this is the free case i suppose that you get it just shot right out of there but it’s not quite as simple as some of those other free cases sometimes they’re just straight clear this one has a little bit of styling to it gets you up and running with a case we also have a hefty little bit of paperwork booklet here sim tool and look at that the team this little dear friend.

I mean that’s the team they made your phone it actually has the names of different people there that’s interesting okay oh warp charge power yes you want to recharge quickly in 2021 here you’re going to do it with warp charge 65 so 65 watt fast charging can’t wait to check the animation also a one plus exclusive red and white cable of course this is what they do all the time whether it’s a Oneplus product or a Oneplus Nord product you’re going to get the red and white type c connector oh there we go little one plus animation [Music] so let’s go ahead and check the specs on the brand new Nord two five g from one plus and why don’t we just go ahead and click it off with the display looking brilliant even outdoors that is a 6.43 inch display 2400 by 1080 pixels 410 PPI it is that 20 by nine aspect ratio of course has got to be amole and it features that fast 90 hertz refresh rate now this is a very vibrant color choice as i mentioned previously and it shimmers around the edge as well the whole body has this metallic feel to it so it does feel premium you have a pretty much metallic body around the edge you have your textured switch which Oneplus is famous for this is to allow you to quickly move between your various audio modes and into your silent mode and this whole sort of mirror finish around the outside blends nicely with that vibrant cube they call it blue haze now let’s go ahead and jump into the cameras.

Oneplus says they have improved the camera performance on the Nord 2 and it is made up of a main rear camera which is 50 megapixel capable and we’re gonna kick it off with some examples from that there’s also an ultra-wide rear camera which has a 119.7 field of view and an aperture f 2.25 that’s an 8 megapixel camera there’s also a mono lens on the back which is a 2 megapixel unit with an aperture off 2.5 of course you can also crop in here you can see a 5x version and then there’s also this extra HD mode here you can see an example of that featuring Kovu and look at me you can count the individual hairs in his fur there as far as the front facing camera goes this is a sonny mix 615 it is a 32 megapixel sensor at f 2.45.

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