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OnePlus Nord 2 5G Five Days Usage Review

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So the Oneplus note 2 is available from today from 399 quid here in blighty and according to Oneplus this bright blue bugger has absolutely everything that you need making it a true flagship killer but is the Oneplus Nord 2 actually all that and a bag of pork scratching or should you just hoi your cash at a poco f3 or a pixel 4a instead well I’ve had my sim inserted inside of that rather attractive chassis for just over a week now so here’s my in-depth Oneplus Nord 2 review. It is a lovably compact as the pixel but that curvy chassis is comfortable to clutch and it’s also tougher than tackling the times cryptic.

Crossword after a whole heap of crystal meth you’ve got gorilla glass 5 slathered all over the front end plus a pre-installed screen protector as well and then gorilla glass 5 on the back end as well although the two layers are separated by a simple bit of plastic engine but thankfully a full week on the Oneplus note 2 is still looking box fresh and the good news is that even though there’s no official Ip rate in here it can definitely cope with a bit of moisture in the odd unexpected thunderstorm thanks us weather gray Sierra or blue his are the two color choices and this blue model is rather charming while also doing a not terrible job of hiding finger smudges and while the camera chassis has definitely grown over the previous node it is not to iPhone levels of ridiculousness and it’s great to see Oneplus has restored one of the biggest emissions from the cheaper Nord core edition phone I’m talking about that rather nifty alert slider which is a great way of just super quickly silencing your phone whenever you need to and yes it could definitely do with being slightly stiffer for now for now uh because they accidentally nudge it a couple of times.

when i was trying to slip the Oneplus Nord 2 into my pocket or what have you but it’s definitely a great feature great to have now there’s not too much to update as far as oxygen os goes since my unboxing except the fact that Netflix and Disney plus are now fully supported post launch as expected and most of the weird little bugs that i saw during that unboxing have thankfully been squashed now as well so for instance if you don’t have the always on ambient display active or just a couple of quick taps can now wake up the Oneplus note 2 so you can see what’s going on reduce to wake also now works although it won’t make the Oneplus note 2 scan for your face to try and unlock the device but besides that no issues with the face unlock that works well even in ambient light and the in-display fingerprint sensor is also a winner very fast and responsive even when your hands are a bit mucky the only other weird little oxygen west bug that i noticed in the last few days was when the auto rotate suddenly decided that it could no longer be buggered to function no matter how much i toggled it on and off rotate your own bloody screen your lazy wang but of course a hard reboot sort of that little sword right out and the other good thing about oxygen os smartphones in fact you don’t get much in the way of crapware pre-installed on there either Oneplus has just a few little bonus apps on top of usual android shenanigans but.

Something nothing to the extent of what you find on the likes of a xiaomi smartphone or an oppo smartphone where you’ve got your linkedins your tick tocks your bucking.com it’s got stuff like phone clone which can copy some bits from your old blower for you and good old weather of course which here in the us seems to predict non-stop apocalyptic rainstorms uh which to be fair is usually on the money nothing particularly notable was added by the latest version of Oxygen OS but all the classics are still here including the Zen mode which can calm you right the down when things are getting cray-cray by playing peaceful music and sounds while also blocking out the world for a set duration and to make you feel even more chilled and relaxed the good news is Oneplus is once again offering two years of voice updates and three years of security updates with the Oneplus nodes 2 as well so you’re set for a good bit of future-proofing that’s definitely better than what you’ll get from a lot of rivals borrowing the likes of google and Nokia and if you do want to download a lot of apps games media all that kind of stuff well the Oneplus note 2 offers a choice for up to 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage but you might want to go high if you’re going to download a lot of stuff because you can’t expand it later on with microsd memory cards there’s no support for that whatsoever so maybe not quite.

Everything you need now i’ve got very few complaints when it comes to that 6.43 inch amoled screen which is bright bold and rather bloody brilliant visuals are pin sharp courtesy of the full hd plus resolution while colors are proper poppy on the lovable vivid modes with more natural hues also available on demand contrast is sharp with deep blacks and crisp whites although while the node 2 screen is hdr10 certified netflix certainly isn’t offering hdr support right now Oneplus has also added an ai color boost and an image sharpener tool to the Oneplus note 2.

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