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Nothing Ear One 5 Days Review

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Oneplus right they make  smartphones earphones watches  well the reason this exists is that last  year the guy who started Oneplus  carl pay he decided to leave and create  a completely new tech company  called nothing and this is nothing’s  first product  it’s a fascinating situation because  Oneplus already makes  really good tech for the most part but  for this guy to then leave Oneplus and  start a new company in the same lane  he must be sure that he can make  something even better this guy has spent  nine whole months  slowly teasing out details of this  mysterious company how they’ve rethought  everything and come out with nothing  how their entire mission is extreme  minimalism to  create tech that disappears into the  background he’s even got his fans to  become investors in the company  before they even knew a single product  coming from it there’s been so much talk  and so much build up  and it all culminates in this this pair  of earphones is nothing’s one chance to  blow people away it determines  the trajectory of the entire company  whether they fly straight to the top  or just get labeled as yet another tech  firm who will say anything to just get a  headline  and they’re calling it the nothing ear  one it’s a small package  but a pretty unique one and i think  that’s important if the brand messaging  is going to talk about a revolution  then the unboxing experience has to feel  distinct you get a pretty tiny USB  cable  I won’t be using that some small and  some large ear tips the medium ones come  pre-fitted  and manuals so the primary thing that  you’ve got to keep in your mind here  is the apple air pods pro are 249  Samsung galaxy buds pro are about 200  now Sony’s XF  whatever they’re called are 280

The  nothing ear ones  are 99 and considering that they are off  to a flying start  because even at that price they have  splash and sweat resistance  wireless charging auto paws when you  take one of them at your ear the latest  Bluetooth 5.2 for higher quality audio  and better battery and the option to  make them blast out a high-pitched  squeal  next time you inevitably lose them under  the sofa cushion apart from some kind of  spatial audio  this is the full feature set i think the  fact that this company sells primarily  direct to the consumer  online and the fact that they seem to  generate most of their hype using free  media  just means that their costs are lower  and they’re probably also willing to  make a little bit less profit  because this is their first product and  they’re trying to make a good impression  but okay when i judge a pair of  earphones there are five key things that  i look for  design fit noise cancelling battery and  sound  and I’m going to be honest I’m not blown  away by the design  i thought i was going to love them the  concept of this look really appeals to  me  but I’m a little disenchanted by the  execution of it  like for anyone who’s ever seen these  tech teardowns you’ll know that  this whole transparent section is not  easy to pull off  it’s one thing to try and make internals  that work well but then also making  those internals look pretty  while hiding all the glue between the  scenes is a whole.

Other  ball game never mind like if you just  got a pair of airpods and took the outer  layer off  they’d look pretty horrific also for the  most part  this is just intelligent design  what do you think so that’s not very  intelligent how each earphone has its  own color dot to quickly tell left from  right  which also helps you line them up in the  case fantastic  the squared off stems makes them more  grippable and also allows for a larger  microphone than if you had to worry  about curvature  and just as far as the general quality  is concerned you can’t tell that these  are half the price of apples  i’ve even dropped this case three times  two of them on purpose  and so far no marks however  i do think this product suffers visually  because of how late nothing after the  game  like if you’re an unknown company trying  to create a new product in a market  that’s  already reached some level of maturity  then the only real way to squeeze your  way in  is to be different i think nothing has  taken this thought process to the  absolute extreme  and so while i really do believe in  their whole text should fade into the  background mantra.

This focus on being  excessively unique  has almost achieved the exact opposite  of that like  look at these two earphones which one of  these two fades into the background more  probably this one and this is bright red  nothing has tried so hard to be  different that this doesn’t even really  look like a cohesive product  you’ve got a transparent half which is  sophisticated and technical and then  that’s  joined onto plain white it’s like when  someone rocks up with a replacement car  door that’s  clearly not color matched and they’ve  done the same thing with the case as  well  we’ve ended up with this multi-tiered  asymmetrical text sandwich  with a weird mickey mouse indent that  i’m assuming is there to keep the  earphones in place  is it unique absolutely would it have  looked better if they’d just done  something like this and kept it simple  almost definitely but overall i’d give  the designer these a six out of ten  what happened here they are very  comfortable though  the fact that a lot of the circuitry has  been put in the stem means that the main  chamber which is the bit that sits in  your ear can be made a little smaller  so in contrast to their rather loud  appearance they’re actually only  slightly less

Comfortable than the  pretty svelte airpods pro  when they’re in your ears and comfort  was one of those earphones  best features you do get a lot of  cheaper earphones that when they seal up  your ears like  this not here  it’s got little air vents that equalize  it and they’re so lightweight that i’ve  had these in for like hours at a time  i’ve tried gaming with them in i’ve  tried sleeping with them in i’ve even  showered with them in not sure if i was  meant to do that but  the point is in almost all cases i  forgot they were there  also this is a bit obscure but with some  earphones i have found that when i’m  lifting weights for example and i clench  my face a bit  they’re so tightly fit that that alone  is enough to dislodge  them again not an issue here  the only two things that aren’t  comfortable are sprinting with these in  as part of this review i literally put  myself through a bleep test if anyone  knows what those are  and while they won’t fall out you do  feel the slight up and down motion  within your ears  but also the touch controls  you get a touch sensitive strip on both  earbuds which you can use for things  like adjusting volume  it does work some of the time but the  bigger issue is that  when your ears are sealed off like this  and you find yourself let’s say triple  tapping to skip the song  then even if you’re being really gentle  it’s sending such a concentrated sound  wave directly into your eardrum  it kind of just hurts you can try it  like if you cover your ear with one  finger and then tap that finger with  another finger  it’s not pleasant the airpods cleverly  get around this by having an actual  button that  you don’t need to hit you can just kind  of gently push it  but on balance i would still give the  fit to these

Earphones an 8 out of 10.  at this point in my testing i was a  pretty happy guy and if you are enjoying  this video then a sub to the channel  would be  sound and as soon as i turn them on i  was met with another pleasant surprise  so just like other buds that have active  noise cancellation the ear ones have a  microphone on the outside  which listens in to external noise and  feeds you a sound wave  that’s basically the exact opposite of  the incoming sound wave  where there’s a peak in the noise around  you the headphones will feed you a  trough  and thus the waves cancel each other out  and you end up with silence  i’m gonna sound like a right special  case here but i basically sat in front  of my fan for like 15 minutes straight  just cycling different earphones and  seeing how they blocked the sound  and my conclusion was that these are on  about the same level  as the airpods they don’t quite have  that disappearing into your own bubbly  feelings that you can get on some  airplanes  but given how light and airy they feel  while they’re in i think the noise  reduction is  about as good as i think you could  expect and the flip side of good  isolation is that  they also don’t leak sound we’ve all  been there sitting in like a train or a  bus  and someone in that cabin is using  earpods and unwittingly sharing their  entire playlist with the whole cabin  that’s not an issue here and if there’s  another level if you hold down on these  stems  it’ll enable transparency mode which is  basically the exact opposite of noise  cancelling  it detects incoming waves and it  amplifies them so  you can actually have a conversation  with someone and not need to take them  out  but you do get a fair bit of white noise  while using this mode  for 99 though i would still give noise  cancelling an 8 out of 10.  it’s just generally tough to fault how these feel to use and that also applies to the battery assuming you have the case with you it sits anywhere.

Between 20 and 35 hours of listening time depending on what volume you’re set at and if you use the active noise cancellation that’s 600 replays of my favorite song and it just adds to that feeling of being able to forget that they’re there so eight out of ten but there is one big question mark hanging over these how do the ear ones with all this talk of the sound of change actually sound well this isn’t like reviewing phones one thing worth knowing about earphones is that you can read the entire spec sheet and still have absolutely no idea how they perform one of the only metrics that does give you some bearing is the size of the driver unit the piece inside that’s actually moving to output the sound see we always talk about sound in waves but when you hear something that you’re really hearing is.

Just the compression of air particles which is translated to a force that causes the inside of your ear to move and then your brain interprets that movement as sound like if I smack my hands together the reason that’s loud is that because I’m moving quickly I’m creating a significant compression of air particles and therefore the sound wave that comes from it is powerful anyways the point is a larger driver does mean that an earphone can create bigger compressions thus resulting in a  sound signature that has more impact and so for some perspective the nothing ear ones have 11.6-millimeter drivers which compares favorably to the AirPods pro which is around 11 millimeters but it’s less extravagant than what you would get on Samsung’s earphones which actually have two drivers per earphone an 11  millimeter one for the base notes and a 6.5 millimeter.

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