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No Followers Required Make Your First $1,000 With Affiliate Marketing

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You’re looking to make your first  thousand dollars with your affiliate  marketing business then you probably  don’t want to build up a

Huge audience  or E-mail list up or YouTube channel  right you probably just want to see if  this business model works you probably  just want to see your

“First Thousand  Dollars” in commissions come in before  you really put a lot of time and effort  or invest any money into the business  model so if that’s you then

I want to  show you literally the fastest way to go  out there and make your first thousand  dollars in commissions in affiliate  marketing

 you don’t have to have any  followers you don’t have to put out any  content and you don’t have to show your 

face so this is just an awesome strategy  to get the commissions rolling in and  then while you see the results right  then you can start working on the longer  stuff that’s going to take you to ten  thousand

hundred thousand you get the  point right so anyways bringing it  straight into this uh real quick.

I want  to mention before we get into this guys  if you’d like access to my affiliate  marketing course I’m giving away  completely free access all you have to  do is go to

the pin comment down below  and click that link right there so  anyways guys that being said let’s get  straight into how to make your

 first  thousand dollars with affiliate  marketing  so this strategy you’re about to see  I’ve done this with a couple different  products the

 main software I’ve done  this from  is a software called builder all now I  promoted the software in many different  ways but this is

how i literally like  made my first couple thousand dollars uh  promoting builder as you can see now  we’re like way past that amount um in  earnings but

again this is what got the  ball rolling for me when I was promoting  a software like this so guys the way  this strategy works is we’re going to be

promoting software’s right only promoting  software’s and you’ll see why in a second  as you start to see the strategy unfold  but anyways the

 first thing you’re going  to need to do is go to a website like  capterra.com so you going to go to this  website and basically

this website just  allows you to find all kinds of  software’s right so we’re

kind of in the  product research phase we want to find a  good product I’ll show you the criteria  that you need to search for for this but  anyways uh the first thing

 you’re going  to need to do is go to category so now 

we want to find a category that we’re  going to be interested in promoting and  keep in mind

we’re not really building a  brand or falling around one of these  software’s right this is basically a  strategy where you kind of just set it  and forget it but

most of the work comes  in the research phase right making sure  you find a good software that doesn’t  have a lot of competition for this  particular method so pay

close attention  here this is where it gets important so  for example right we want to pick a  category on here obviously there’s  hundreds on

here so  you know i don’t see this strategy  really getting too  competitive because there’s so many  different products you can do this for

 so for example right we’re affiliates we  like affiliates up here  let’s say we want to go into affiliate  software you just going to click on this  and what’s going to happen is it’s going  to pull up all the software’s so not only  is there hundreds

of categories right  but there’s hundreds of products in each  category so literally thousands of  products you can do this for now what

we  need to do is find a product that we  want to promote right so um  okay so just going through here let’s  say we want to do something with

you know something with good reviews  right let’s say post affiliate pro  now what we need to do next is literally  just open up a tab go on Google and  we’re going to type that product in  right so we’re just going to do post  affiliate pro  and

just typing in so what’s cool about  this strategy guys is we’re only  targeting super warm hot  traffic right we don’t have to convince  cold leads

to buy it we don’t have to  educate people on the product we’re  literally just tapping into super warm  traffic that’s about to buy right  because

what happens when you’re about  to buy product you search it on Google

right and you try to find their website  well this is exactly what we’re doing  we’re just going to get in front of  those people who are searching the  products so as we can see when we type  in post affiliate pro right an ad comes  up and i’m only seeing one

add-on here  so there might be some opportunity for  this but anyways as you can see the ad  comes up right this is basically what we  want to do we want to find a product  that doesn’t have any add show up so  let’s go back here  and kartra i know they’re going to have  ads it’s a pretty popular um  it’s a pretty popular software right  let’s

keep going down here let’s try  referral rock right so again same thing  here it’s going to type that in do  referral rock  and as you can see there’s no apps 

notice how there’s literally no ads on  this even if we if we go down to the  bottom right no ads again so  this is the first thing you need to see 

right make sure the product has no ads  running for this now that we’ve found a  product with no ads and this is a  software people are typing in

 it looks  like it’s getting around 650 searches  per month which is a good amount of  people if we can get a couple those  customers per month

that’s an easy way  to make your first thousand dollars in  commissions so let me show you what’s  next right the next thing you have to do 

once you find a product like that is  type in affiliate programs so  obviously if we want to earn commissions  from this we want to

make sure this  product has an affiliate program  right so let’s see  they might just be offering affiliate  program services  um so yeah this is like their blog so  let’s see if they actually have an 

affiliate program their self usually if  we just go on the website  right and if we go all the way down  okay so solutions referral program  software so this is like a service

they  offer they set up affiliate programs for  companies um i want to see if this  specific company has an affiliate  program their self right so  uh okay here it is

join our referral  program all right so you click on  this so it looks like we’re getting a  hundred dollars per customer so  basically we would just sign up to 

this software so you register  real quick  and of course i got to verify this all right boom we’re in okay so here’s where  you can see all your stats and 

everything like that your rewards your  account boom let’s go and get started  with this so we got our affiliate link  right here right this is the link we’re  going to use to get people buying through  us right obviously you guys know um so  anyways the

next step of this now that  we  found a product that doesn’t have ads we  got a product that has an affiliate  program right now we just need to place  ads when people search this product  right so what’s the product name again  it’s called  uh referral rock right so when people  are searching referral rock on Google we  want our ad to show up and they

buy  through our link we make 100 bucks and  again the reason why this works and it’s  such an easy strategy is because we put  the research in and we’re tapping into  super warm traffic and this is obviously  not a huge software you can’t scale this  specific product to ten thousand dollars  per month but you can make your first  thousand dollars

of this right or if you  do this for four different software’s  maybe you can start getting fifty  dollars per day rolling in or a hundred  dollars per day

rolling in so anyways um  the next step we want to do is literally  just go and create a Google ads account  right and we’re going to start this 

right so  um anyways once you set up your Google  ads account you’re just going to start a  new campaign and i want to

show you how  to get started here because there’s a  couple  important things you’re going to have to um  do here so  let’s just do website traffic and we’re  going to do search right so  when people are searching stuff  um our ads

are going to show up so we can  just call this referral rock  and then important stuff here take off  display network we don’t want our ads

 to  show up on that right and then we can  show more settings okay that looks  fine that’s fine English audiences  budget so literally guys for this you  only need like

ten dollars a day  um just because obviously like  i think it was 620, 650 people per month 

search this product right you’re not  going to spend 100 bucks a day with 650  people so you only need around 10 to 20  dollars per day but again if you do

this  for four different products right it can  start to add up you can start to  really get some commissions rolling in  so anyways  ten dollars a day is

good  and we can see okay that’s fine i’m just  going to press save and continue all  right then we’re going to go down here  and this is where we want to do the  keywords right so basically we’re  telling google ads hey if people type in 

this keyword make our ad show up so  obviously people type in refer  will rock right we want our ads to show  up now there’s important steps here you  can’t just type in the keyword because  um you got to look at these criteria  right here so

if we want to do a broad  match right we would just type in the  keyword if we want to do a phrase match  right we would type in

the keyword plus  quotes if we wanted to do an exact match  then we would type in the keyword with  these little symbols  right so for this specific strategy

 i  probably recommend either a phrase match  or  the quotes here so if you don’t know  what that means basically it’s just  asking hey like

 if someone types in  referral like if you just put like no  quotes at all and you did a broad match  if someone typed in referral your ad

  might show up right and there’s  thousands of people typing in referral  right or phrase maps they have to type  in that specific phrase or a variation  of that phrase for example let’s say  they get the name backwards and they say  rock referral or

 something like that  right your ad would still show up with  exact math they have to type in referral  rock for your ad to actually show up so 

i think phrase match would probably do  the best now i’d also like for example  another thing you can do is go back to  google ads or

google and when you type  this in right you’re gonna see like  related keywords if you have a tool or a  chrome extension called keywords 

everywhere  so for example there’s like referral  rock pricing right so we can do that so  i’m just gonna copy this  um  and go back here 

all right boom and we’ll do a phrase  match for that as well  and then we can also go back here and do  like  uh referral rock reviews now

 real rock demo okay i like that one uh  just people looking for a demo that’s  obviously people looking to buy so boom  we got three

keywords we could probably  find like two or three more but anyways  i think that’s going to be good for now  all we do from here is

press save and  continue  right and here’s where we’re actually  going to put in and make our ad right so  now we did our targeting that’s done  right now we want to get our affiliate  link okay right here i’m going to copy  this and we’re going

 to put an affiliate  link  boom and then basically we just want to  put in the headline right so when people  type in the keyword right our ad

shows  up what do what what do we want our ad  to say so anyways we can just kind of  model what they’re doing so referral  rock um all right 

that’ll be the first one and as you can  see as i typed that in it changed right  here okay and then it says customer  referral software for any

business all  right so let’s just do  um  customer referrer referral  software  for  any  okay so there’s a max of 30 characters  customer referral

software  for any company  right so we literally just changed like  one word or so um instead of business we  did company and then here’s

 where we’re  going to do the description so we’re going to  go down here and then we just want to  model theirs again  um cool type that in and then

obviously  this is too long so we’re going to copy  a little bit of this  all right boom now as you can see this  is our ad right here right we got the 

headline and the description as well  now Google will give you stuff like more  ideas  um so  book a free demo stuff like that so you  can kind of play

around but obviously  you’re going to want to split test your  headlines you want to you know test  different descriptions and just really 

optimize this short little three line  app and just put some time into that and  guys if you do this for like three  different products and you’re

testing  all the ads you’re making split tests  right and you’re really learning how  Google ads works right i guarantee  you’re going to see

your first thousand  dollars commissions come in but anyways  that’s just the demo right so now we’re  just going to press save and continue 

and we can go ahead and start our ad so  now Google is going to go and verify  this  so we can go ahead and press publish  right 

and now if we go to the actual ad right  here  we go to add group one as we can see  right this is what our ad looks

like we  got our affiliate link but it doesn’t  look like an affiliate link right  because it masked it with the main  domain and as you can see

Google’s going  to check they’re going to say pending  under review and usually it’s going to  take anywhere from an hour to up to 24 hours to review and approve

your ads so  anyways guys this is a strategy right  this is by far one of the best ways to  make your first thousand dollars in  commissions uh without an audience  without anything like that.

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