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Reddit the front page of the internet this is one of the most famous social media websites out there mostly known for its humorous content but what makes Reddit special is its ability to spread posts throughout the internet very quickly for those.

Who has never used Reddit before it’s basically a website that allows you to put a post like a Facebook but what we’re going to do with?

This website is unique because I’m going to teach you how to make money online using Reddit and the earning potential here is crazy and it’s not even that hard this method is very easy for beginners and it’s very simple.

How to earn money on Reddit all from the comfort of your home so make sure to pay attention to every second of this video because I will be giving you guys a bonus tip that will help you double or even triple your earnings online but before we star they guys. How much money can I earn from this method well if you just do one?

Reddit post you earn about two dollars now I know that some of you guys might not find two dollars as a lot of money but when you do more and more posts like say 10 posts and then another 20 posts and when you add up those 30 posts you get around 60 dollar s now this is going to add up very quickly and it will build a passive income for you now for those who do not know.

What passive income is the source of money that you receive without any work involved so you can go out and maybe have a vacation or maybe have a dinner date and form a romantic relationship or you can even sleep for?

The whole day and while you are doing these other things you still have money coming into your pockets now I would like to remind you guys that this method is absolutely 100 free you don’t have to spend any money at all to get started now.

This method is also available worldwide yes you heard me worldwide that means you don’t need to go for all the trouble of setting up a VPN because this will work no matter what country you are from so make sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell because we post a lot of videos just like this where you can earn money online easily but all that aside let’s get back on track so like I mentioned earlier the method for today utilizes Reddit so you guys can check it out real quick over at Reddit.com but before I show you how we can use Reddit I will have to introduce you to our first website so right now I want you to go on to this website right here kick booster

Which is at kick booster?

Basically on this website you can find a lot of different campaigns that you can join and make money and earn commissions from online so i want you to take a look at how this website works so this is a website for affiliate marketers so for the first part you have to sign up now you are going to click on this become a booster button right here and it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and like i said earlier it’s completely free you don’t need any deposits and it won’t ask you for your credit card details and all that stuff for.

The second part on this website you have to select which campaign you want so you might be wondering which campaign should you choose and how can you make a lot of money from them especially when you combine it with another website Reddit.com now you can browse through hundreds of campaigns to select the campaigns that you want to promote and for.

Step number three you can share this unique booster link now this is a special link that you can share with other people and you can start earning commission for your referrals so let’s do a little recap this is our entire game plan so first up we’re going to sign up on kick booster and i’ll get to that later what we are going to do is we are going to find a campaign to promote and then we’re gonna get our links and then we’re gonna put a post on Reddit.com and then we can earn commission this is the entire big plan.

But now let’s discuss all the details and steps in the video so right now i want you to head over to the kick booster website at kickbooster.me i want you guys to go ahead and click on the get started button on the website once you do that it will redirect you to this page right here now there are two categories that you have to select now what we want to do is become a booster we want to be the affiliate where we can earn commission now all you have to do is select this right here and put in your username and then your email address I’m going to do that real quick after that you can choose your referral code right here and this is very important because this code right here will appear at the end of your referral link so you guys should choose a code that can be easily recognized and remembered so that more people will check out your link so this right here is a very simple process that only takes minutes to do so the next thing that you want to do is open up your email inbox because we’re going to send you an email like this right here.

Kick boosters account confirmation which is sent by kick booster so you guys are going to receive an activation email like this and you want to go ahead and confirm your email so open it up and you could read their message if you want and then click on this button right here confirm your account so once you confirm your email you are now able to log into your quick booster account on top of that you are going to receive a second email saying something along the lines of thanks for being an affiliate inside the email you can find the steps that you need to follow for you to sign up and if you guys are still having some trouble well you can check out this help document right here that they sent to you but all the methods contained in here will be shown in the video so you can ignore all that and focus all of your attention right here on this video so what we want to do now is head back over to the kick booster site and you can find some buttons here on the site so i want you guys to click on the marketplace button which will send you over to this webpage right here so what you guys are going to find right here is a wide variety of campaigns that you guys can promote and boost this means that you can get your link here and you can share it on websites like.

Reddit where a lot of people might check out your link and you can start earning money online via commissions so this website actually has an option to sort these campaigns into certain categories and there are a lot of categories for you to choose from so you guys can filter out what type of campaigns you want to support or boost also we can find this sort by button and what we want to do is click on it and select this option right here our latest fix now what is this is it filtered out which is the recommended program by this website so these are the hottest and the most recommended offers and this is going to help save you a lot of time doing your own research and you guys can start finding the best campaigns to promote and earn a lot of money from commissions right now so you guys can easily see a large amount of campaigns right now i want you guys to click on this right here which says boost this campaign so click on this link below this image and then you will be sent over to this page right here that contains the details of lucille’s particular campaign it will say how much you can earn from the commissions and if you scroll down here you can see here that share your campaign url so this is the link that you have to share on Reddit so once they click on the link right here it will redirect them to this page right here that contains all the details about the campaign so you guys just want to highlight everything and copy the link so now let’s head on to the next step now what i want you guys to do is head over to this website Reddit.com okay so go to this website right here and you’re going to go ahead and click on this button right here sign up and then you’re going to come over to this page right here so what you’re going to have to do is simply put in your email address and then just click on the next button so right over here you can see that you can start posting on the Reddit website and you can now start getting tons of votes and clicks and views on your posts now.

On the Reddit website you can find a search bar so go ahead and click on the search bar and type in this keyword which is mobile phone and then press enter now the reason why we want to focus on mobile phone category because as you can see here there are a lot of communities with a lot of members and you’re going to get so many views and so many clicks on your campaign so if they click on your link and they start reading about the information of the campaign and then they get interested and decide to put money into the campaign and when they do that and they start donating money that is when you receive your commission so you guys can simply make a simple post giving a description of the campaign to entice people to check it.

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