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Make Money in Twitter

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How to make your first hundred dollars a day with Twitter now if you’re a beginner this is actually the perfect method.

Make Money in Twitter

This is one of the first methods starts that I started with you know people usually talk about YouTube ads on Facebook Instagram but no one talks about Twitter.

Twitter is a huge untapped market and there’s far less competition on here so I’m gonna reveal to you this one of these methods that I used to make my first hundred dollars a day now you are gonna have to put a little bit of time into this probably only like an hour a day but it’s really simple.

It’s really easy to get started and you don’t need any money to get started with so if you’re broke this is the perfect method to start with but there’s also a free course that I have which is a four-day blueprint for their course to an online business.

We teach you exactly what affiliate marketing is what tools to use and it’s taught by Franklin Franklin Hatchett and if you don’t know who Franklin Hatchett is this is his YouTube channel yet.

He’s got over seventy thousand subscribers and he’s got a ton of value on his YouTube channel here so he’s one of my mentors.

He’s probably the best online mentor there is and it’s a completely free course and the whole thing is taught by him.

He doesn’t pitch you like a course at the end it doesn’t make you buy anything he doesn’t it’s completely free so you are nothing to lose by taking this course.

If you sign up today you get access to the first video which is a 45-minute-long video and he teaches you exactly what affiliate marketing is how to build landing pages how to do email marketing how to get the traffic it doesn’t get any simpler than this so just give just sign up below.

You get instant access to the first video and within 4 days or even within the first day you easily have an online business up and running so click the first link in the description and sign up on this page.

You get instant access to the first video so this video you’re gonna talk about Twitter and I’m gonna use the fitness niche as an example so if you go to twitter.com slash search – home or just go on Twitter on Google.

Just search up Twitter search and you hit the first luncheon learn this link and it will bring you to this page here now what this is this is like Google search except it’s only for Twitter.

It searches are people that are talking about a keyword that you just searched up such are people that are talking about getting fit and so what I just typed in is simply getting fit.

What I do is I if you it comes to the top post right here so the top post I people have a post made by like celebrities or companies and they have like a ton of likes.

All that now those aren’t the best two tweets to look for what I do is I just hit latest so these are the latest tweets and so this is like a minute ago one minute ago it tells you right here how long this tweet was to tweet it.

So, let’s see what this guy is talking about this fit means getting you okay let’s see another one getting snatched building up this little body September 18 so this woman’s talking about getting fit so what I can do is I can click on the tweet.

I can hit reply and say hey have you seen this course have you seen this course on getting fit now you are going to need an account for this.

I’ll make a no link right here now I’m going to teach you exactly where to find this online course on getting fit soon but this is how you find a tweet or someone that’s talking about getting fit so it might seem a little spammy but if you just use a different account make an account without your face on it or just make a different account with a different name on it.

Just start tweeting it out to people so you’re going to promote a course on getting fed because census woman as interested in getting fit so what I’m going to do is go on Clickbank comm if you don’t know what Clickbank is just go to Clickbank calm and itself you can make a free account on there what it is is a bunch of online courses that you’re allowed to promote.

You like to promote any courses in any niche so you can find them like business and investing cooking self-help and getting fit so I’m going to click on health and fitness it’s one of the categories here.

 I’m gonna scroll down I know one of these courses is called flat belly fix and if I promote does it tastes average sale is $33 and 52 cents if I promote this.

This woman buys it which means I get $33 and 52 cents and the way you promoted is you make the account first or Clickbank.com and you click on promote then you click on create.

It gives me this unique link here and this is a unique link just made for me now if you make your own account you get your own unique link so if I click on that link it will take me to that product page flat belly fix so this is flat light belly fix right here this is the sales page.

This will come up with the Add to Cart button after watching the video and if I tweet this link to this woman and she clicks on this link and buys the product I get $33 now normally that a lot of other people have friends will see this tweet as well.

I can tweet this out I should they’ll also see this and see this tweet that I just replied to they can also click on the link and buy from me.

I get $33 so that’s just one tweet that I replied to manually do that to like 20 tweets per day you can easily 100 dollars a day if you do that every single day for like 30 days you could easily have your first hundred dollars a day that’s what I did when I first got started so this is a really simple method here.

You need to make an account Twitter account so what I would do is may probably make an account on Fitness so I might call it getting fit.

 Healthy just yeah just getting fit and healthy and I put a profile up off like a fit person or something so that’s how simple it is and if you want to make like a bit like a long-term business so this is kind of just a short-term solution, I don’t really use this method anymore because it is kind of spammy.

All that but it works but if you want to build a long-term business check out this course here it’s a fantastic course and its really big enough friendly.

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