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Katana GF66 11 UE Gaming Laptop Unboxing

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I always like to look at gaming laptops because there’s always some sort of unique approach these manufacturers take from a design perspective and that’s really what’s gonna happen here today because i have two laptops from MSI one is called the katana and the other is called the pulse and each one takes a different approach to what a gaming laptop can be can look like they both got tremendous specs you’re gonna get RTX 30 series graphics in either one but you may I mean one of these flavors might be more suitable to you so let’s do the comparison and then you can pick down in the comments section whichever one you think is cooler or better so let’s start with the katana model i believe this is a box in a box scenario yes so here are the specifications on this particular model we have the color is black it’s quadruple black this is like when you’re buying some sneakers and you look for the triple black models got the black soul black midsole black body on it yet this one is going to be blacked out it’s like a batman laptop 15.6 f HD anti-glare IPS 144 hertz display so these are the specs you’re looking for on a gaming laptop obviously core i7 11800 h world famous chip choice g-force RTX 3060 in this model of course that selection is up to you can configure it with your choice of 30 series graphics 1 terabyte SSD 16 gigs of ram and windows 10 on there so first up is the laptop and i can tell straight away it is a stealth look to it and this is a nice option in the gaming space because some gaming laptops can really be yelling and screaming at you now i got nothing against it that might be exactly.

What you’re looking for RGB for days but this one is for sure stealth zone so this this could be a suitable in a gaming environment but it could also be suitable in a more corporate executive scenario where you might want an understated look to it you do still have the dragon here but it’s blacked out as well also inside the package we have our power supply extension cable and of course this is going to be fairly substantial it’s a 180 watt power supply for the RTX 360 in there a couple of interesting shapes up along the edge we look at the side and we see our headphone jack there is a USB type a port USB type c port full size HDMI network connection power another USB type a actually two more USB type a ports oh you know what let’s check the bottom whoa look at that mega heat pipe in there so this gives you a little bit of a look a glimpse into uh the internals and you know what’s interesting that’s off set so it kind of makes up for it it’s stealth on the outside but if you want to look underneath there’s some styling going on there you see the way this kind of like shifts down that’s cool so there we go on the inside and you can see this sort of red accent on the keyboard the keyboard is going to be backlit as well we’ve got the pc mag reader’s choice RTX obviously and core i7 on the inside you have the offset trackpad and they even managed to fit in a fairly slim number pad over there but the trackpad lines up with the keyboard the display here oh usually gaming laptops do not open to that degree so you have your bedtime reading stuff sorted out as well because that’s a larger range of motion than what you would typically get so yeah the display is anti-glare and the key specification here is 144 hertz you have your front-facing camera up there this is a large keyboard it’s a big keyboard.

Big keycaps yeah and it’s kind of cool that they put a little accent on it it’s subtle with the red outline but it’s uh you know once you open it up when you’re sitting in front of it you have that kind of reminder that you do have a gaming laptop in front of you with the red accent but this is your subtle move i think that’s why they called it the katana it is your streamlined your slick option of the two the other one is said to be sci-fi inspired so this is the pulse gl 6611 so this one is specked very similarly 15.6 inch color here is going to be gray triple black still has the i7 11 800 h and actually same graphics RTX 3060 however on a storage front it’s one tv plus 512 GB SSD still got 16 gigs of ram so a relatively comparable configuration so this comparison is mostly going to be about looks and aesthetic preferences it is identical 180 watts oh wow yeah all right so that’s a much different look you have this uh gun metal that’s cold to the touch this one is not so we have a metallic aspect of I thought I was going to like the stealth one but i actually might be partial to this one it just has a little bit of style going on but it’s not overwhelming it’s not crazy yelling at you it’s still fairly slick almost like sports car sort of and in this case your dragon logo is just a little bit more obvious i think we have the exact same port options two USB a c over there uh full size HDMI one more type a audio and ethernet so yeah same port options.

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