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How to Start a Very Successful Online Business

online saas business
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Hey, guys if you want to work from home and start a very successful online business and want to earn monthly around thousands of dollars.

I will tell you about SAAS businesses so let’s get started guys hey guys so what he says how to get says my I will personally be going to tell you about my business services.

I will also teach you how you can install sales business in your hosting and server I also teach you how you can market your sales business very successfully.

So, that you will get lots of customers as well as revenue so guys let’s cover this topic one by one so guys what I did I have summarized all these topics in just 10 minutes.

So, now guys first we will talk about what it says so guys sense a full form is a software as a service so in general in very easy term sales is online software.

What it says is online software so it is a kind of online service which you pay for suppose if you have heard about mail chimp.

So, see if you want to use mail chimp you need to pay to mail chimp then you will be going to use their services so guys mail chimp says business.

So, if you talk about SEMrush so same is the case with SEMrush if you want to use the services of SEMrush then you have to pay them, and after you will pay them.

They will provide you with service if you talk about another business vidyard pdf is also a sales business here.

Also, you have to pay them and after you will pay them, they will give you service so hopefully, you have understood.

What is Online SAAS Business?

What actually online saas business so say is generally an online software so it is the online services.

Which you pay for so whatever services you want to buy from mail chimp SEMrush or VDR so you simply have to pay to them and they will give you service in return.

I will teach you how you can create your own sales business which means you will be the owner of that sales business and someone if someone wants to buy your services then they will going to pay you on a monthly basis.

Successful Online Business

So, you can create your own and charge your customers on a monthly subscription basis so guys suppose you have 100 customers and you have a dollar 10 as your monthly payment for your services you will get a dollar thousand monthly.

So, this is a very great advantage of using sales business so see now we have already cleared what is says so now guys the main question lots of people ask me.

How to get sales how can I start using my sales business you don’t need to develop any sales business by yourself you don’t need to hire anyone for your sales business to make a sales business for you so you don’t need to be any programmer or you don’t need to do any programming.

To start a sales business, you simply need to buy one sales software so guys see this says the software will just cost you dollar for 30 & 40 they are very cheap you simply need to buy them and after you will buy them you can install that software.

In your servers and you can start your sales business right away after doing that so it is that simple so now guys let’s start with my services.

So, see guys if you talk about myself, I have my own sales business you can see that you can simply type my dash link dot iron.

So, this is my sales business you can see this is my sales business here you can see it is a URL shorter business so whenever someone wants to buy my URL shortener services.

They can subscribe to my plan so you can see I’ve also created a free plan so now guys you might be wondering.

Why I have made one free plan so guys see I have generally made one free plan just to gain late so if someone will want if someone wants to start with a free plan they need to subscribe to this free plan and when they will subscribe, I will get a lead and I will nourish them.

To buy my pro plans like silver and gold so here are the silver and gold services prices so like these guys you can also create a SAAS business so guys if you are thinking that I have created this as business means I have created and I have done all the coding stuff and every of the programming.

Stuff so guys you are totally wrong I simply have purchased this software for just dollar 60 and I simply install this software in my services and you can see this is the services fully installed software you simply need to do install it in your server.

I will tell you how to do that so now guys you have finally discussed what it says how to get set you have also heard about my services now guys you might be wondering.

How can I install it so guys it is very easy you simply need to go to one website called coach cannon dot net so guys?

This is a website you simply need to go here so guys here you have come to their website you simply have to click this PHP script so guys when you will click this PHP script.

You can type says just simply type says and it will automatically show you lots of results so guys see these are all the sales businesses so you can see just dollar 19.

you can simply buy this software for dollar 19 and just you need to install it on your servers it is very simple now after you will.

Install it you can simply start your sales business right away so you can also see there are lots of sales businesses like this one like this QR menu and there are lots and lots of sales businesses.

So, whatever says business you want to do you can simply search this as a business here like you can also search for email marketing sales business so when you will click on search you will get lots of predefined software you simply need to purchase them and you can start your own sales business.

So, it is very simple so now guys if you want to know about my software also so I have also bought this software from food canon you can see simply search here URL premium rate and your URL premium shortener so you can see this is the software.

I have purchased it for just dollar 33 and I just simply installed it on my servers and it automatically converted into this beautiful website.

So, it is so easy so you simply have to go to port canon and you have to buy whatever software you want to use as a SAAS business you simply need to purchase it now guys you might be wondering.

How can I install that to my server so guys it is again very easy I have made a complete video on this topic where you can install any PSP says script to your hosting or your servers so guys you can simply click on iPad and you can also visit my description box?

Where I put the link to that video by watching that video you can easily install any PHP script to your hosting or your servers.

So, when I visited this website when you will go to the admin panel membership setting you can see this software is asking you whenever some customer will purchase your program so where you want to get your payment so it is asking for a PayPal email.

So it is that easy you will put your PayPal email and you will get all your payments there so it is very easy so whatever software you will choose in every software you will get this setting where they will ask you where you want to get paid so you simply have to add your payment details.

Whenever someone will purchase your services you will get paid right away it’s that easy so now guys last thing, I want to tell you is what about the marketing tips so guys see marketing plays a very important role in any business.

Whether it’s an online business or offline business you know whatever I have taught you it does contribute 30 to your online business main comes marketing.

Which contributes the majority of the contribution of 70 so if you have a good marketing strategy believe me guys you will make your online business very successful you can get lots of customers plus lots of revenue.

So, I guess very simple now how you can do that so guys what you need to do is you need to simply go to YouTube and there you have to search our channel Bing comments or you can just directly search here YouTube hashtag of being commerce official.

So, guys, there are lots of tactics which I have told you can visit my blog list and you can read blogs hacks domain to make money so guys these are all the tactics that will help you to gain lots of customers very easily or what you can do you can simply visit our website being commerce dot I n so now guys when you will visit to our website.

you will be going to see here courses so guys here I put lots of digital marketing courses YouTube marketing SEO email marketing courses google and Bing ads courses for right courses so guys you can also enroll in my courses and you can also learn how to gain customers online very easily so these are all the things and you can also watch my free videos on YouTube.

Whatever you want you can do it and you can gain lots of custom customers guys let me clear one thing please don’t do anything without knowing you know if you don’t know how to run google ads or anything.

Please first learn google ads as I said to you on my website you will also get google ads courses you can just indulge in the courses you can also take from me.

So, now guys with the help of that courses you can know how to target your customers and get lots of revenue guys let me tell you one thing personally.

when I was very much new to digital marketing, I have made a lot of money on marketing without having any knowledge of how the marketing platform works.

So, I have play wasted lots of my money I have wasted around dollar 2,000 so you can imagine that was the mistake I did.

So please you guys don’t do that first learn each and everything now guys after that mistake I have almost purchased 60 digital marketing courses I’ve learned all of them and now I’m running my own online businesses successfully.

So first learn then do your sales business so guys this is all for your sales business online so you have understood.

What it says is how to get SAAS you have also seen my services I’ve just shown you to motivate you I’ve also tell you how you can install your sales business in your hosting or service I have also told you about the marketing tips.

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