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How To Make Money With GetResponse

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In the free workshop, we will give you 131 of the top highest-paid niches in the world.

Check it out in the free link below but, that being said let’s talk about getting responses because it is an interesting way to make some passive income.

online and no I’m not talking about using it as a customer but more.

So, recommend it as software because this is where passive income is.

Comes in from when you could partner with other people that will all do everything else and you don’t have to talk to customers you don’t have to build.

Make Money With GetResponse

The product you don’t actually have to do much except recommend the program now.

This is the coolest thing about getting a response is because people need to send emails especially business owners.

Like I use an email autoresponder like if you want to make money online.

You need some type of email autoresponder so one thing that you could always do is especially in gold-rushers instead of going for the gold sometimes.

It’s better to just sell the shovels and you could see you could build like email marketing.

Landing page marketing automation funnels and what not and it’s trusted by IKEA by revolution by a strike by all these things.

But one thing that you guys could realize is you don’t need to build something like this you could just go ahead and recommend it right.

So when you go over here to get a response just type in get response affiliate on google you’ll see that you could get paid when you refer clients to get a response now this is for affiliates.

Who wants to create a new source of revenue which is like what I use for freelancers bloggers review sites content creators or small businesses.

That actually you know to use email marketing as well as marketing consultants agencies and online marketing experts now.

Look at this they will pay you 33 for every sale referred.

The thing is that’s reoccurring right so you could see the different packages it’s 99 bucks per month 49 bucks per month.

So, if you do the math that’s about like 18 bucks of reoccurring revenue every single time you recommend it the thing about getting a response to the building.

The software like that it’ll take tens of thousands of dollars you also have to like hire a bunch of people to hire engineers software engineers uh developers content writers to really build.

Something as big as this right or you could have them do all the hard work and you just take 33 of that profit like I’m really curious.

How much you guys would actually want to do something where you know if you got like a thousand people on.

This paying you like 18 a month that’s already 18 grand a month right so you’re probably wondering I’m like well.

How am I going to go ahead and do this for myself well that’s.

The first thing that I would do once I find a program like at response I want to find out what keywords are people actively looking for to find out.

If they’re actually going to buy this right one thing that works really well is the word best right so if I just type in best email marketing.

You can see all these things pop up.

So, what I would do is I would make a long list of words right just writing them down because when you search this on YouTube.

This is what people are actively searching for every single second right.

There are tens of thousands of people at every single second searching for something like the best email marketing.

Whatever now your goal as an entrepreneur especially if you want to make money with affiliate marketing by recommending.

Other people’s products and services instead of creating your own products you need to go where people are actually hanging out and as YouTube is showing you right now.

This is where they are all hanging out so I would just make a long list of all these things.

I already just did all the hard work for you right best email marketing software best email marketing services platforms apps.

Software shop for Shopify service for Shopify strategy software for Shopify software for affiliate marketing plug-in for WordPress for woocommerce.

That’d be the first thing everything with the word best and then email marketing and then whatever right you could even do for affiliate marketing.

Best bulk email marketing software companies another thing that I would do is just type in get a response.

Most of the time when people are searching for this they’re also interested in getting a response.

Because they’re searching for it like why would you not search for something if you’re not interested in something right.

So, as you can see here all these other things get response affiliate marketing versus.

Click funnels tutorial email marketing automation is another thing just all content that I would go.

Create the same thing you would do on Pinterest right just type in get a response and see now

What people are looking for on Pinterest right because it’s another search engine.

So this is what people are searching for a review landing page that’s awesome.

What’s another thing email marketing is okay email marketing design layout strategy template design template is okay.

So, now I’m kind of seeing this is what people want okay when people are looking to get a response or email marketing.

They want some type of design maybe they’re not tech-savvy.

Maybe they’re not artists that can make an email pretty maybe.

They don’t know anything about email marketing right and they just want to get started right.

I’m starting to put them in buckets in my mind of okay like what is this person.

Why the hell is they actually looking at this right now on youtube or Pinterest or google or whatever the moment.

I figure out what is their main intention do they want it easier to write do.

They want something that’s easier for them to send emails to do.

They want a better cuter design if they’re like bloggers right.

Like my sister works with yoga professionals and they’re like oh my god I want my email marketing to be so beautiful and to feel good with like my brand.

So obviously they would want some type of template design.

So, I would actually just do one of two things number one I would pull it up on Pinterest number two.

I would find all the things that I that is actually people are searching for number three.

I would actually create some type of pdf or document or some type of freebie to give to people in exchange for their email address.

It’s very simple I could give you the exact same uh Fiverr.

The thing for you is just going to Fiverr type in the lead magnet.

This gig right here will create something pretty for you for literally five dollars.

They’ll create some type of beautiful pdf thing that you could go and give to people for free in exchange for their email address.

They probably won’t mike why do you want their email address well.

This is exactly how you’re going to send them offers.

Not just to get a response but to other people’s affiliate programs like if they signed up or some type of cheat sheet.

That’s like oh sign up for 20 20 newsletter templates that will boost the odds of your sales are they probably want to know more about email marketing.

So what you do is add every single video you’re okay guys by the time that you’re done with this video makes you join you know this free webinar.

This free cheat sheet or this document that we’ll get just sign up for below and like.

I said it’s pretty simple to start up with like with the software that we use you could create one of those in like five seconds let’s use this yoga niche thing right because like.

My sister is selling emails to all these yoga professionals.

She’s making good money with it so I would literally go over here take this pdf.

That I created for like five dollars right I’ll go over to the software.

That I use where if you want to actually use the software you could sign up for it in the link below.

You get like a free 14-day trial and just like that say like my cheat sheet was you know seven email templates.

That will make you more money right so I’ll create something like seven email templates that will double your sales free template download discover.

The secret grabbing of your startup from just like that I just created this landing page or this website in like five seconds.

What will allow you to sell them other people’s products?

Services without annoying them on social media are kind of like you know the dating and you know like you’re.

Very like entertaining and what not the moment you get them to the email that’s when you can actually go ahead and sell them something right because you’ve gotten.

Their permission they’ve given you their contact information and just like that you could see from an example of this we’re.

Get we started you know at the beginning of this year and now we’re getting near like a hundred new email subscribers.

Every single day with this just new idea that we just thought of and all of this they’re all getting like automated emails from like.

Our mini-robots just like sending them to other offers and services and for the sake of the argument if you’re really bad at email marketing.

we’ll create a very simple sample email that you could go ahead and send right now with this offer so here’s.

An example of how I would just set an email okay the moment I would like I said to create all these videos just like this right.

Then send them to a cheat sheet that I modeled off of a Pinterest thing they ended up getting it from like.

My email autoresponder which if you want to go check it out like I said check it out in the link description now.

They’re just automatically sending out the pdfs to all these people right but you’re probably going to come.

Where does the money come from well it comes from storytelling so what I essentially do is I would sign up for you know get a response.

Affiliate get the 33 and then I would just get that secret link where if I send it to anybody else I would go ahead and make money.

So, from there, I would write some interesting email that’s totally unrelated to anything right.

It would just be like 500 in the bathroom why because people are gonna be like what the hell is that I want to go and check it out.

So, email sequence to send out emails for me on my behalf to my list of people if you want to know the best one to use then get this free 14-day trial here mike.

Just like that every single day.

I would send some type of funny little email where I would just promote you know this program.

But the beautiful thing is because you got their email address you don’t have to just promote get.

The response you could promote so many other different things as well.

This is where the passive income comes from because then you got to decide okay which are the top highest converting products that will make me.

The most money and then I’m just gonna go talk about that build some crazy email newsletter sequence has all the mini-robots in the emails.

Then i’ll go ahead and make money so you want to get started with this like.

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