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How To Make Money On Shopify

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How to make money on Shopify when you have no money and how beginners are earning 100 to 700 a day with this interesting new method more at that after the intro.

The easiest way to make money online sign up for it in the link below so one of the biggest things that prevent most people from making a living online making money online hitting their income goals allowing themselves to help retire mom and dad allowing themselves to pay off student loan debt allowing themselves.

Finally, create freedom for themselves to not have some boss to tell them who they are what they’re worth when to eat pee and poo the biggest reason that’s preventing people from actually getting away from that life is money and it’s always like a cash 22, they’re like.

How can I make money online when I don’t actually have money myself well guys in this article I’m going to show you guys a method that people are doing right now to earn a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day with zero dollars.

Make Money On Shopify

So, the first step is actually finding a product that you know would actually go ahead and make a sale in a niche.

Where people are completely crazy right the crazier the niche and the audience and the people that are going ahead and buying it the better because crazy people spend more money.

So, for example, since I live in Bali and a lot of people here have like dogs and cats and everyone is crazy about their animals let’s just talk about crazy cat ladies like everyone has that local crazy cat lady that you’re like oh my god.

She has a bunch of cats she’s crazy but she also has money to spend on her cats so if I literally just go to AliExpress and just type in simple enough.

The second thing I go and sort everything by orders just like that I have learned from millions of dollars worth of advertising without spending any money.

I’m talking about zero dollars look at this people use AliExpress to drop your products on Shopify and ads all the time so just like that I already know what products are already doing the best like this thing right here sold 26,000 times.

This thing right here sold 24,000 times this cat litter’s sold 16,000 this funny cat scratcher for cats sold 13,000 and it’s only one cent with shipping to us for only 14 cents that’s like insane and then this like pet cat tent is like 10 bucks 100 or no 10,000 sold.

Now the moment that I know exactly what products get now this part is weird for people that have no money but you guys don’t understand the concept of leverage and that is leveraging credit cards to not just get free money but free travel awards credit card points.

Never have to worry about travel or purchasing a hotel or a plane ticket ever again like now with this little interesting method that I started when I had no money I literally have so many travels rewards points.

Where I never have to pay for business class flights where I don’t have to pay for hotels because of this method because there are certain credit cards that’ll literally pay you five percent cash back on slag business categories and you know there are things like American express.

That literally anybody could apply for that you could just get a bunch of free travel awards points that you don’t actually have to spend your own money on if that makes sense but before you actually go ahead and do this you need to understand the difference between good debt and bad debt because.

If you have no money the thing is you have to sacrifice at least something and it’s understanding the difference between a good dad and a bad dad because a lot of people when they hear about these credit cards.

They get very afraid they’re like oh my god look I know my mom never told me to get a credit card dude stuff like that but you guys understand how banks are actually made like when you actually put your money in a bank do you think your bank is just holding your money and not doing anything with it no you hold them holding your bank is actually them borrowing your money and investing it for themselves.

Then they make money from the growth that they actually go ahead and make off of your money that’s why banks make so much money because they’re not investing any of their money they’re leveraging yours and they’re just saying they just put your money here as storage.

We’ll pay you a very small amount of interest as long as you just keep it in our account that’s exactly how banks make their money but you also got to see the difference between like liabilities.

So, this is like typical rich dad poor dad like if you go ahead and read that book you understand that a poor person will literally go to the bank and borrow money for a mortgage to go and rent a house the mortgage is three thousand dollars a month.

Guess what the person also lives in that house so just like that even though he borrowed money from that bank he has to pay down a liability because it’s not actually making money that is bad debt but an entrepreneur.

Someone who’s smart someone who’s just literally like you and I would literally take the exact same loan pay the mortgage three thousand dollars a month but then literally get somebody else to live in that house and pay them four thousand dollars a month.

So, just like that even though he’s technically in debt the four thousand dollars that he’s getting paid from someone that’s renting the house is paying off the three-thousand-dollar loan.

So, he’s using debt to make a thousand dollars a month profit this is how the wealthiest get really really wealthy it’s from good debt and the same thing happens you could do with e-commerce right with credit cards it’s.

The exact same thing where instead of the bank making money off you you can make money off the bank with very little risk to you for example what I would actually go ahead and do is the only time that I would actually go ahead and use my credit card.

When someone goes ahead and buys my product now if you really think about it you’re probably wondering well mike how can I actually have somebody go ahead and buy a product don’t I need to spend money on advertising.

Don’t you do something like that you really don’t know that you know the top products that you go ahead and actually sell what I would do is just create a Shopify store with all the top products that I just showed you and at that point?

What you would want to do is create a promo code specifically for influencers that have a lot of views but very few subscribers.

So, for example here is this amber awkward girl she has 645 000 views she made this only 11 months ago and she only has 8 000 subscribers.

What I would do is I would just literally create a promo code called amber right on my Shopify and i’ll literally give it to her and be like hey amber if anyone uses your promo code.

I will literally give you 50 of all of the sales she’s gonna be excited she’s been like are you serious I’m making these videos and I’m not getting any money because she only has so few subscribers guys she’s literally not making anything if you literally give her 50 of all the products.

She sells through her promo code she’s gonna love it but with Shopify, it’s really interesting because you guys could see exactly how much sales that she actually pushed right, and then you could actually do easy math but here’s the thing.

Make Money On Shopify

When people buy you know for example this thing on your website for like 40 bucks you may you made 40 bucks now let’s do the math your cost here is 10 you literally take your Amex credit card you buy this for 10 and you ship it to the customer.

Now think about this you had forty dollars you sold it for 40 bucks you paid the 10 off your credit card with your customer’s money now you have 30 profit you then take the 30 and you divide it between you.

So, 15 for you and then 15 for amber just like that you made money with no money what you did do though is you leveraged other people’s money by leveraging credit cards to do to buy the product and actually get free money with the cashback rewards and also leveraging other people’s resources.

 This is exactly how you make money with no money it’s leveraging multiple things like open other people’s money like how banks use your money to go ahead and make money off of yours you could go ahead and use credit cards.

The beauty about that is you don’t actually have to use it until actually, you’ve made money so it’s actually free money at your point the other thing that you also got to realize is other people’s resources you don’t have the resource of getting a bunch of eyeballs to you for your specific product but people like amber.

Do people like mia do 600 000 views only 3 000 subscribers they have the resource of attention but they don’t have the resource of money so you can go ahead and create that money opportunity for them and the last opportunity to make money without no money with Shopify?

Other people’s time you could do this for as long as you want but ultimately you will not build a business that will give you freedom like you actually want if you don’t actually free up your time.

 So, how you actually do that is the moment you start making money you want to invest in more of the mias and more of the ambers by literally getting more of these cap products and sending it to them for free to have them do reviews about it.

Because when you start reinvesting back in your business you start really building a moat around your business that makes you really impervious to competition.

Which of course with Shopify is the hardest thing you could start with no money but because a lot of people start with no money it gets very competitive very fast it’s only until people start leveraging credit cards.

Actually, using you know these influencers that are underutilized can people actually start making money with no money guys this is huge I don’t see why not all people are doing this but of course.

This sounds too complicated you want an even faster and easier way to make money online sign up for it in the free workshop below as well as check out my podcast of all these multi-millionaires.

I literally live here in Bali that makes millions of dollars doing the weirdest things known to man check it out in the link below but that being said I’ll love you guys see you guys later.

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