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How to Lose belly Fat | No Diet, No Exercise | Only 3 Steps

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In our country, when a person becomes 30, 35 years their belly increases due to storing of fat. We think it’s normal, it’s not normal, which means our food doesn’t digest properly. You may think to eat less food hardly eat anything, that may solve it, but as you know that many people eat less food and do exercise but they get same size belly when they eat. When they do exercise, look okay but become the same after eating, even they eat less.

As the result, many people get fed up and stop exercise, don’t do anything then. Then belly becomes bigger as we aren’t careful about that. But, I will tell 3 steps trick today to follow before eating in between eating and after eating. Thus, your belly will never be bigger, will remain the natural and the same size as slim when you do exercise in the morning. You will notice the effect on the first day, it’s sure. Your increased tummy fatty tummy will feel light and no fat will remain in the tummy if you follow the trick, let’s get into the article.

You have to read the article carefully, it’s a guarantee, without any exercise, I won’t recommend any exercise, just follow your routine. You have to follow it properly when you go to eat food, before that you have to follow that, fat won’t increase at all. It Will remain the same as it is in the morning, fat will be losing and be as natural.

So, what’s the trick? Let’s know first when you eat foods, be careful before eating, whether your juices are prepared or not, that is good for digesting food, how do you know? If you feel proper hunger and you feel like eating means juices made to digest foods. If you feel tummy filled and don’t feel good, means that is not enough, you don’t need to stop foods, do one thing, either before lunch or dinner, drink water in the morning, a half-hour before lunch drink one glass of warm water like sipping tea, not quickly, we make such mistake drinking water fast to increase fat, whether drink tea or water drink sipping like kids and storing inside the mouth.

Usually, people take hot tea fast, it’s the biggest mistake, let the tea be a little cold then keep it in the mouth until goes to normal temperature, then take that in. When drinking something cold like ice-related drinks, (I don’t recommend stopping that ) but when you drink that, keep that in your mouth until goes to normal temperature and then send it in. You won’t get belly fat and belch ever, So, first thing, before eating 1 glass of warm water to take sipping.

Drinking of warm water before food

Don’t eat anything after that. Now, you start eating, any raw vegetables or salads, you have to chew them to make them like water, chew until food becomes like water. Then you start eating chewing slowly, eat only chewing and making them like water, later after eating 1 or 1.5 loaves of bread, your mind will send a signal that you are filled comfortably.

You won’t feel like eating more when it happens? It happens when you eat food fast, usually, we eat more food when eating fast. The stomach gets more than needed for that. The stomach can’t digest all that and gas and upset stomach are seen. It won’t happen if you eat slowly, so eat slowly and chewing, it’s the 2nd technique.

Don’t take tea coffee with food at all. You may take 1, 2 sips of water, now 3rd technique, the most important thing is, some people get acidity after 1 hour of eating, take warm water, still after the burning feeling? yes, notice taking warm water, your stomach foods will start digesting faster and acid will be gone, those who face acidity even after eating less will take warm water after 1 hour. Still have the acidity then after 30 of that a secret that people don’t use banana, it will destroy the acidity. People think bananas will make things heavy, stomach upset, or any other problems.

But, 2 banana won’t increase your weight, rather it will remove gas, make stomach better, it is the best in the world in removing acidity. 1 hour after eating and 30 minutes after taking water, you will eat it chewing properly, eat it chewing, thin and slim people can eat banana making a smoothie of it, mix some milk of normal temperature water and add some jaggery powder for taste, no problem if you don’t make it sweet, so make a smoothie of it.

Take that smoothie, gas, and acidity will be gone and won’t come back again, you have to do this for some days those who get acidity. Now, if you eat outdoor foods or more oily foods, or you ate puri, sweets you have eaten more and more of that, feeling heavy in the stomach, feeling acidity, belch then what to do? You won’t eat anything for 2, 3 hours.

You need to drink warm water sipping after every 1 hour for a minimum of 3, 4 hours, eat nothing else. Foods will digest and gas will be gone, take no tablets or eno that may increase your acidity. You won’t be able to eat the next meal, but if you follow my trick of drinking warm water then you can take the next meal easily.

As gas and acidity, both will be cured, You can eat bananas after 3, 4 hours, eat banana chewing and tummy will be lighter, you will feel like you haven’t eaten anything, if acidity comes due to overeating, don’t eat banana until foods digest and eat a banana after 3, 4 hours, continue water. I have told you the trick, very effective trick, minimum 2 3 times you will take warm water and you will get a great digestive system.

Foods will digest better and metabolism will be high. Belly fat will lose itself, gas won’t form belch won’t come, then you notice that without exercise you can lose belly fat. No need to leave food, it will happen automatically, you won’t want to eat more and more but will be satisfied if you follow the routine. Hope you liked the article, like and share the article if you liked it, subscribe for more if you are new here.

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