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How to Create & Sell A Digital Product Online

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Our partner success series is where we sit down with hot shots on Appsumo and learn the secrets behind their business’s success.

Appsumo is the leading digital marketplace trusted by over 1 million entrepreneurs and today we are going behind the scenes of opinion x a user research tool.

Sell A Digital Product Online

That lets you stack rank people’s priorities in minutes it uses an advanced data science methodology to compare and score thousands of statements in real-time so that you can discover.

What matters most to your key stakeholders and sue Moling’s are loving it. x so opinion x is a tool that helps you to discover and rank people’s priorities in minutes.

Whether you’re a product manager trying to prioritize what you should work on next quarter a founder trying to validate.

The biggest problems worth solving or a designer trying to understand your end user’s biggest needs well then opinion x is the tool for you so we’re just a two-person team at opinion x today.

Sell A Digital Product Online

Even though we’re lucky that we get to use our product on ourselves to help figure out the most important problems and features to focus on next.

We still have to do a bunch of experimentation and gather as much feedback as we can to really inform our work launching on Appsumo has been great because we’ve gotten new customers.

Helped spread the word but most importantly the feedback that we’ve been gathering from sumo links has really helped to shape.

Sell A Digital Product Online

The next steps in what we think about building for the product there are a bunch of different reasons why launching on the Appsumo marketplace made a lot of sense for us opinion x had reached that stage.

Where the product was working well and we were building up our own little base of advocates and supporters we wanted to help spread the word.

The Appsumo marketplace was the perfect way to do that even more importantly Appsumo offered us a way to reward the early supporters of our product who were advocates.

Early adopters of opinion x and we did that by offering them access to our premium tiers on the lifetime deal that we launched on the Appsumo marketplace.

Sell A Digital Product Online

Rather than the subscription tiers that we usually do even from a purely business perspective, those lifetime deals pay off really fast because those new customers spread opinion x their users more.

Recommend it more in their own networks so from that side of things it’s paid itself off really well and helped us to give back to our early community.

One thing that’s changed since we listed on Appsumo is that we have new customers so for an early-stage startup like us more revenue means.

That we stay alive for longer and we can keep working on improving the product in that time we’ve seen new customers sharing opinion x with their networks on LinkedIn recommending it to friends.

Colleagues as well and giving us really great and useful feedback that we can use for building the next stages of the product we’re still really early in our Appsumo campaign.

Sell A Digital Product Online

We only just launched it less than a month ago but even within that first month, we’ve had more than three times our usual monthly recurring revenue in just net Appsumo sales.

So, it’s been a big boost for us we had Appsumo pinned up for a long time as something that we were working towards but we always really considered it as a channel for acquiring new customers.

I think what surprised us was how effective Appsumo was as a way to re-engage people who had signed up for opinion x a long time ago but had never really become active users.

Getting those people to take out their credit cards and become paying active users overall it’s changed how I think about inactive users and how you engage your overall user base if you’re on the fence about listing on Appsumo.

I would just recommend going and talking to somebody who’s already done it one of the great things about the Appsumo community both sumo lings and creators is that everybody is really honest open.

Gives a ton of great feedback as well in my case I think my biggest worry upfront was offering people lifetime deals rather than the subscription revenue that we usually made.

But what I’ve seen is that sumo links distribute the product so much not only by using it and sharing it with their user bases and communities.

But also by recommending it to their friends and family that we’re going to earn back the investment that we’ve put forward through the lifetime deal really fast and even.

Just from a month in I can already see that that’s definitely going to be the case there you have it sue mullings shout out to Daniel and all of the digital creators killing the game on Appsumo.

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