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How to make $25 per hour as a Virtual Assistant.

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How to make $19 to $25 per hour as a virtual assistant. I’m gonna show you it does happen to check this out guys and you can be a virtual assistant isn’t just someone that goes person there’s a lot of things that a virtual assistant.

Do they can for smaller businesses like mine that does online marketing they can do things from simple as customer support they can do things from like the administrative support they’ll do social media management.

This is huge for me that’s what the virtual assistant that I had before he used do is mostly my social media management, I would upload videos to my dropbox and then I would send her information about it she would go and find relatively other videos that are like Mont with my keywords.

She would get the keyword tags that go into it she would change the description upload those for me she would get the thumbnail created and then she would upload all that to my YouTube account she should do my social media management.

Then she would go and post those videos into different Facebook groups related to that topic to help jumpstart the video that’s why I used to pay in a different country to do that now they can also do website management.

Blog or something like that Virtual Assistant

So, if you have a blog or something like that you can also get your versal assistant to edit your blog head of your blogs that you upload to create and insert pictures and affiliate links where appropriate things like that but they can also do email marketing right.

So, yeah it can be sending out emails typing up the emails follow-up emails all that kind of stuff but also they can do life management as well.

Which is like you know scheduling your doctor’s appointments to make sure you know scheduling your hair appointments you to know scouring through your emails to find things that are important that or not letting you know sending you text messages.

When meetings are coming up all that kind of stuff is what a virtual assistant does and you may be thinking okay 19 to $25 per hour probably not but let me just go to one website I’ll show you three their people per hour there’s freelancer.com.

That you guys can use as well to get your virtual assistant’s career going and it doesn’t take a lot of skills if you can do some time management and you know if you’re just a hard worker you can make it as a virtual assistant working from home with no issues.

What so ever look at this over here I’m upwork.com all I typed in was virtual assistant okay look at this lady right here we got Morgan right 17dollars now she’s our $9,000.

She lives in Alabama next up we got Melshe makes $20 per hour earned over$30,000 on up work she lives in charlotte North Carolina we got Meaghan $20 an hour.

She’s earned over $70,000 in Virginia Beach Virginia look at this Whitney she’s very good at virtual assistant look at her she’s at$30 per hour she earns over $50,000 she lives in Arizona let’s go through a few more here guys we got Lauren $18.80 now over 30,000.

She’s in Virginia we got a girl here out in California who experienced a virtual assistant for $20.00 per hour we got Lindsey $25 now over $30,000 in Kentucky the last one down here in Florida guys is $17 now over 40 grand 20so you can’t tell me that you can’t go online.

Start making money as a virtual assistant I just showed you one single website just up work alone well I allow you and I just told you ways to do that customer service administrative.

Social media websites email all that stuff you don’t need the skill set you just got to be able to follow directions and the person that you’re going to be working for it once it’s done if you do that.

Virtual Assistant

Complete the task you’re gonna get paid and you can make between 19 to $25 plus per hour that I just showed you just unhook work then you can go over to people per hour and freelancer as well now a lot of these jobs don’t require full-time pointing.

For example, my virtual assistant would only work around 10 to15 hours per week right so you can get multiple clients to fill into 40 to 50hours per week if you’re wanting to work that amount of time and that’s the best way to do it.

If you’re really smart you could probably take all the tasks then you know charge $25 an hour in theUnited States and then you can maybe go find another freelancer.

On a different website that’s like an India or something like that only charges like $7 per hour if you’re smart here takes that outsource that work to your other virtual assistant have them send it back to you.

So, they get it only getting paid you’re gonna pay $25 an hour they’re getting paid $7 per hour to do all your work for you then you can you know to complete the task for your you know the people that are hiring you that way you’re actually making $18 per hour not having to do is nowhere near as much work so you can take on clients.

So, basically, you’re creating an agency of you know freelancers that do a virtual assistant so basically, you’re a virtual assistant agency that is outsourcing the outsourced work if you get what I’m saying that’s the way you’re gonna make it a lot of money.

Be able to scale this business really high to 100k per year but if you’re not wanting to do that you can just stick with the 40 hours per week that you can get hired on with these people.

Start making money that way but personally, I like to outsource everything as much as possible so you’re not doing the work and you can scale skill if you’re a person by yourself working it has a virtual assistant think about it guys you can only take on.

So, many clients do you hit that 4050 hours per week but if you’re you structure it like hasn’t anybody’s a virtual assistant agent see you can outsource that work again to lot people that making a little bit pay or charge a lot less like seven-eight dollars in India.

All those other foreign countries you can do that guys and then you know you keep the extra money after you’ve turned into work you could actually profit $18 per hour while they’re only getting paid $7 per hour and you’re making a killing.

So, that what you’re gonna scale this guy’s to the moon and back you know get past 100kper years otherwise we’re gonna be stuck at a limited amount and you’re gonna be working your ass off with very little free time so definitely take that structure is.

What I’m recommending is hope you guys enjoyed this way you can get out there and actually start making way more than 19 to $25 per hour a virtual assistant but it’s your option like I said if you guys want to be curious about how you make online money passively doing a Philly marketing or digital marketing.

That’s what I do is I do online affiliate marketing also known as digital marketing and basically create content that keeps making money over and over and over the sort of like a person that writes a book or you know puts out a music video or you know track record.

Whatever it is they’re going to pay for years to come for that and that’s the way I like to structure my business so I can create something once keep getting paid over and over and over again passively.

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