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Best Smartphone On The Market OnePlus 10 Pro

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Their first but of course, I wanted to be prepared with the latest later cases you can pre-order these on the website you might get it before the phone.

They now have this collaboration with oppo bringing both brands under one roof that may have something to do with this device launching in china first.

So inside we’re going to have the latest from snapdragon the 8 gen 1 8 gigs of ram 256 storage, there is not currently an IP rating that may change.

OnePlus 10 Pro
OnePlus 10 Pro

When the device launches 5000 milliamp-hour battery 80 watts fast charging 50-watt wireless charging they still have this Hasselblad.

Co-development working on the cameras together there is a new camera here as well a 50 megapixel ultra-wide with a very wide field of view a little bit of paperwork over here it looks like they’ve changed their terminology to hyper boost.

I haven’t seen that wording before here is the device I was a little bit concerned that this might be the other color nothing against the other color it’s like greenish but it has a little sparkle in it apparently.

What I’m going to use it’s usually going to be the boring old black model especially considering that.

I’m going to slap a very thin later case on there and then the black just kind of blends also in the package they give you a case.

This is a free plastic case it’s a basic case that says never settle on it 80 watt super VU typical one plus USB a2c cable.

So, that’s a very matte black finish it looks like it kind of resists fingerprints as well which is really good you can see another change on the back is this ring light in this location over here.

It is an unusual layout with this square kind of bulge, not an enormous lift well you still get quite a rattle so that’s quite a shift for one plus here is the 9pro here is the 10pro similar form factor but much different in the camera.

The area volume rocker is going to be on this site over on the bottom USB C connector as well as our sim tray dual sim capable this does have a tiny little gasket on it which uh should aid in exposure to liquids we have our power switch as well as the legendary alert slider from Oneplus.

This has a textured feeling so you can understand where it is without even looking, of course, that’ll help you set between vibrate and silent, and whatever you want front-facing camera is up in the top corner but we have gorilla glass victims.

Nice free case time pretty straightforward type of setup later case option flaps on easily perfect you can see the way that this one covers most of the camera module here.

Creates an independent aperture for each camera to poke out but when you lay it down it sits on the case instead of the camera area fingerprint face and of course password.

I tend to have the fingerprint as well as the face enabled sometimes fingerprints are better sometimes face unlock is better ah so here’s a change now that we have this tighter integration between Oneplus.

Oppo on the Chinese release we have a color OS running all the way up to QHD plus 3216 by 1440 standard will lock the refresh at 60 hertz to conserve battery.

I’ll select for high which is 120 hertz I suppose with 5 000 milliamp hours of battery uh you’re probably going to be all right also this has reverse wireless charging.

OnePlus 10 Pro
OnePlus 10 Pro

So, you can recharge a set of earbuds on the backside in this section here is a selfie test I can’t tell if I have a beauty mode by default let’s check I do let’s turn that off.

I kind of like that sound effect beard hair test it passes a 32-megapixel selfie so plenty of pixels I think you can pick up some dog hair on my hat like it actually isn’t over-saturated like to my taste I typically prefer something like this.

I’m surprised because many manufacturers go the opposite way with it front-facing video is limited to 1080p.

This is our 1x option on the camera this is 0.6 let’s check out the zoom quite an intense zoom possibility oh now if you change it to high it will go into 50-megapixel mode on the 0.6 camera let’s try that out yeah this is a little bit wider.

This is the max I mean that’s a wide shot it’s kind of a must 2022 you have to have it this is an important feature 150 degrees wide so this goes into like a fisheye effect.

If I go here it’ll even if you want that really disorienting ultra-wide some people do want MO with the skateboarding and such there’s a portrait mode built-in right it smoothed you look at this.

You don’t have your skin is not that nice stop it well video we can shoot up to 8k resolution at 24 frames obviously we can do 4k but I don’t know for fun let’s do the 8k let’s try it out hey I’m recording you in 8k at 24 frames its cinematic man.

I’m gonna change from shooting you to shooting the classic plant.

Look at this plant it’s got so much detail we’re shooting it in 8k even though you’re not watching it in 8k it’s all right just want to make sure you know that you can wow I didn’t know you were doing it like that you mean.

I’m happy with that escape I think this might be better than tick-tock here yeah it’s better what are we doing this is our audience it’s pretty loud.

That because she’s like at the nightclub now or I don’t know oh that’s cool let’s go it’s obviously not real.

All right yeah its loudspeakers are loud uh you can watch uh do yin take talk completely up to you this is an early look right this is the Chinese model as I mentioned some stuff could change maybe the appearance of the software.

It gonna have color OS exactly like this on the global version or the version that comes here to north America obviously the improvements here are mostly to do with the latest snapdragon 5000 milliamp-hour battery 80-watt charger and the ultra-wide 50-megapixel ultra-wide.

So Oneplus 10 pro early unboxing quick first look that’s it.

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