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Best Monitors for a Huawei MateView GT vs Mateview

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Huawei is back in a way you might not have expected in a way I didn’t expect and actually, I think they came with a bang look at this slender little monitor right here.

What Huawei is going to be focusing on next is the mate view monitor if you have one of Huawei’s smartphones or other devices then you can actually send video to this wirelessly.

Huawei MateView

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei MateView

If you have the phone, you can just tap this section over here and send your video that way.

The extremely slim bezel on here and a three by two aspect ratio give you slightly beyond 4k resolution.

Since you have more vertical pixels it’s like 4k plus but what I like about the monitor beyond the styling.

The aggressive screen to body ratio is the number of ports and peripherals you can hook up to it in a kind of clean fashion.

So, on the back here we have a full-size HDMI port we have a mini display port we have our first USB port USB type-c we have two USB-a ports another type-c port there’s an audio port and a power switch.

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei MateView

So, all your peripherals are going to hook up here conveniently and be really easy to access plus you can use this type c port to not only charge your laptop at 65 watts.

But also transmit your video so you can do the single-cable setup.

So long as 65 watts is enough to charge your laptop the other thing here is you have a height-adjustable stand.

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei MateView

Actually, the mechanism there feels quite robust you can use this in your room as a place to watch content stream content.

Then also do content creation because you’ve actually got a calibrated panel here a color-accurate calibrated panel here for getting work done.

Everything is controlled via touch bar so there’s no joystick type of setup those tend to be quite frustrating on monitors beyond that just from engineering.

Standpoint this is crazy thin the power adapter is quite portable and small.

Huawei Mate View GT

So that’s display number one this one has a slightly different approach a curved and wide monitor and one of the coolest things.

I noticed straight away is the fact that you have this soundbar down at the bottom the entire stand has been engineered.

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei MateView GT

Has been designed around having this soundbar and more and more people are using these types of monitors as their main content consumption device.

This becomes all that much more convenient without the need to add external sound.

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei MateView GT

I think it has some RGB lighting as well it’s an ultra-wide obviously a much different aspect ratio it’s going to go up to 165 hertz so this is the GT model.

Along with this package we actually received their wireless charging mouse pad GT and the wireless mouse GT.

So, this wireless mouse would charge on this pad.

So, you won’t need any type of external cable for it ever, and actually, this supports qi enabled devices so you can charge your smartphone on this pad as well.

Which would be convenient on the desktop you do not have that fancy uh touchpad that’s on the other display instead.

Here we have a little nub a more typical joystick we’ve got power two HDMI ports full-size display port one USB type-c.

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei MateView GT

Then there is also an audio port and then a power adapter that looks very similar to the other model actually.

All right so look at that that is so simple to set up you have one type c cable going in from the power brick and another one out to the laptop it’s crazy clean and minimal.

In this case, they decided to have this really accessible port on the side which I think is useful not just for connecting your laptop.

But also just for quickly charging a mobile device charging a smartphone something like that this gives you an idea of your aspect ratio compared to.

Say a typical laptop now the reason you might want a taller monitor is for productivity for web browsing things like this.

Where you typically have more content up and down you have scrollable content and just add a very quick glance here you can see a lot of it’s.

Its personal preference 3, 2 is something we don’t have too many options for as a lot of stuff has gone wide or even ultra-wide for that matter, particularly amongst gaming monitors.

I like the idea for the productivity of having something a little bit taller you can check over here two hours until it’s fully charged no power brick necessary it’s a true one cable go to work pop the laptop in a bag set up.

When you get there with the singular cable I always love that when I don’t need to carry an extra or a separate power brick now as far as the interface is concerned it’s down here.

Look at that for quickly adjusting volume very convenient and responsive actually look at.

That I can select my source brightness levels above 80 will be straining on your eyes raise it anyway look at that tap twice to go back I do think that this is faster to interact with than the joystick-style.

That’s on that other monitor or on most monitors you just can be disorienting at times by the way there’s a microphone in here as well to improve performance.

When it comes to video conferencing it’s just that I was told that this space was big right a couple of friends were like it’s.

It’s big it’s really cool and I had a box I was like I was expecting it to be big.

Then when I walked in I was like mother god this is unreal well it’s obviously just you know it’s like a mono speaker in the center channel.

Area but it’s useful I would rather have it than not have it and trust me I have monitors that have no sound and I often end up in a pinch.

I got to find a headset or something like that so having something inside the display is a bonus there actually is a tiny bit of bass in there.

In this slim little profile kind of surprising cool, I really like this matte finish, it’s kind of a nice mix.

Where you get the vibrance of the color but I’m not being distracted by reflections and that’s kind of crazy to say in this space.

Because there’s an abundance of potential reflections and still this is usable for me.

So, we have two monitors here today this one is the mate view minimal very slender extreme screen to body ratio 4k plus 3×2 aspect ratio one cable.

If you need it in pinch audio, did you hear his grunts and groans?

He went I like the slim bezel big fan and then over here their mate view gt display obviously a little bit wider more gaming-oriented built-in soundbar with RGB touch interface for controlling volume.

How’s the audio on let’s find outlook see how you can it’s a new song or something see how much volume you have you just wanted to use this.

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei MateView GT vs MateView

Just by tapping start this show without my track, I guess it gets you in the zone man I like it that’s our max.

Can I just say something to you there’s the convenience factor, of course, you can always beat this with external audio sure.

It’s not just in one stand and you have to have a stand anyway by the way the mouse is this is pretty cool.

So, I guess you go to charge it right over here and then you’re charging as well look can you put a phone there.

Like that sick but we’re not talking about the charging mat today talking about the tough choice I’ve already made my choice which one did you go to.

I’m not telling you 165 hertz what is it 3440 different layout audio priority gaming priority minimalist productivity 4k plus I would go for that one wow he picked the other one I picked that.

One over there I just love the look of it but that’s the new stuff from Huawei’s back they’re back just not where you expected they found a way back in the studio via monitors.

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