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Appsumo Lifetime Deals
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Appsumo deals are Appsumo recommended deals which are very useful tools and applications for WordPress. We have found some useful tools which are available below.


We all know there are plenty of tools that create bio links for you.

 But what if you need more than a colorful page with a few quick links? Your followers need those links to lead somewhere! A website, a shop, or some other page, that you still need to build.

 Before, you would have needed 3 different tools to manage it all. Today, there’s Jemi.

AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs.

 Today, we’re talking about Jemi: the all-in-one bio-link, website, and online store builder.

Let’s do this! Once you’re in Jemi, it’s super easy to build a slick and engaging site in no time.

 You start by building the components of the site in sections, which are all fully customizable.

 You can either build them from scratch or choose from different pre-made blocks built by their professional design team.

 Whether you want to add your company’s bios, e-commerce, newsletter sign-up, music, videos, or most anything else, Jemi’s design blocks are plug and play for maximum simplicity.

 With Jemi, it’s easy to make sure your followers or customers are always in the know.

 Jemi allows you to embed content from any of the major social media platforms.

 Use advanced blocks to collect emails, create a blog, embed from Youtube, Twitter, and so much more to showcase all of your content and engage with your audience.

 Now here’s where Jemi really starts to pull away from the competition.

 If you sell digital services, downloads, and subscriptions online or even sell physical goods and merchandise, you can easily add commerce blocks that are simple to edit and implement.

 If you’re stitching together multiple e-commerce tools, think Gumroad, Shopify or Patreon, Jemi is perfect for you.

 Okay, here’s one more cool feature.

 Once a customer or subscriber signs up for your service, Jemi will even send automated email follow ups.

 Last, but most certainly not least, it’s fully integrated with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Printful, and Mailchimp.

 So that’s it! It’s time to harness your powers all in one place! So what are you waiting for? Get Jemi today!

Social Web Suite

Are you wasting tons of time creating, uploading, managing, and analyzing every single social post every single day? Wish there was a way to automate all that and boost your numbers at the same time? Meet Social Web Suite.

AppSumo, the leading digital marketplace for entrepreneurs.

 Today I’m stoked to introduce you to Social Web Suite, the social media management tool that helps you create, manage, schedule, post, and analyze social media for you and your clients.

If you’re wondering what makes Social Web Suite so much better than other social media tools managers, look no further than its deep integration with WordPress.

 Whether you have a blog, news site, or WooCommerce storeSocial Web Suite allows you to share posts and products instantly.

Even reshare it to your audience using your tags and categories as hashtags, with customized hashtags, different titles, and more! Adding all your social media content channels to the Social Web Suite is also super easy.

 Once you do so, Social Web Suite will create a content calendar for you with all the best times to schedule and release your content, based on best industry practices and influencer data.

 Because Social Web Suite works on category-based scheduling, all of your posts and messages will be neatly organized into different content buckets.

 You can start with the nine pre-made categories, import them from your WordPress site, or create your own, but if you’re liking your content calendar as is, all you have to do is click this ‘sharing’ button and you’re good to go.

 So let’s check out how easy it is to create and share your social media content.

 All you have to do is compose your social post or message right here, and you’ll be able to share it immediately or schedule it for later across all your platforms.

 All your scheduled messages end up here in Content Approval, which is super helpful and efficient if you’ve got multiple teammates working on social media at the same time, or if you have multiple clients you are working with.

 Editing, adding photos, or approving posts is also just as easy at this stage, which makes collaboration even better.

 Each client can even have their own workspaces & content calendars.

 When it comes to analytics, Social Web Suite gives you simplified stats so that you can get a quick picture of your socials with only a glance.

 Add social profiles like Facebook groups and pages, Instagram business accounts, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and company pages.

 You can also add unlimited WordPress websites, YouTube channels, and RSS feeds.

 Here’s something really sweet for those of you into tracking and analytics.

 Every single link that you generate will have built-in UTM parameters, complete with a URL shortener.

 It’s a one-stop-shop for all things social.

 And that’s a wrap! If you’re looking to automate your social media management and stop wasting time reposting the same content across all your platforms, start using Social Web Suite today!


Are you struggling to close customers at checkout? Wish there was a way to improve your sales funnel and checkout flow without hiring a super expensive conversion expert? Meet WPFunnels.

AppSumo, the leading digital marketplace for entrepreneurs.

 Today, I’m pumped to introduce you to WPFunnels: the drag-and-drop sales funnel builder for WordPress that’s so intuitive, literally anyone can use it to build out new funnels in minutes.

WPFunnels makes creating your sales funnels super easy with its drag-and-drop canvas so that you can control your customer journey visually.

 From great ready-made templates to building funnels from scratch, this funnel builder allows you to move methodically through your sales and checkout flows, and understand them at a single glance.

 Whether you’re working on a landing page, offer page, checkout, thank you or upsell, everything is customizable within WordPress.

 And because the WPFunnels team cares about making everything super duper easy for you to use, they’ve made their software compatible with page builders you’re already using like Elementor and Gutenberg.

 But that’s just the beginning of leveling up your funnel’s potential.

 You can optimize your sales funnel with smart one-time offers and conditional formatting steps to boost your Average Order Value even higher.

 Adding quick order bumps at checkout, attractive upsell offers, or following up with great down sells will help you earn way more revenue from your customers.

 And to get a little deeper into conditional formatting, because it’s kind of a complicated topic, let me show you how it works.

 Let’s say a customer says “no” to your upsell offer.

 What you can do is create a conditional formatting rule where you’re like: “If the customer says no, then send them to down sell.

” You could also do: “If customer purchases upsell, then send them to upsell #2.”

Basically, whatever funnel map you have in mind, you can format the customer journey to fit exactly that.

 And when it comes to analytics, you can get breakdowns per funnel.

 You can dive deep into each step of the funnel, and can even see your daily revenue breakdowns on a stage-by-stage basis.

 If you want a super-quick glance at the analytics of your funnels, you can enable the stats feature, and as you can see, these icons will represent how each stage is doing, so you can make optimization decisions at a single glance.

 And that’s a wrap on WPFunnels.

 If you’re looking to transform your sales funnels and checkout flows, start using WPFunnels today!

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