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Appsumo Deals – Handpicked Design Tools

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Appsumo deals are Appsumo recommended deals which are very useful tools and applications for E-Commerce. We have found some useful tools which are available below.

Create Fast Websites with ZionBuilder

Ever used a website builder only to realize your site takes forever to load? The market is flooded with tools that can help you build a website, but few that optimize loading times for better Google Rankings. Those days are over with Zion Builder. What’s up, y’all, with AppSumo.

The leading digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Today, I’m stoked to show you Zion Builder: the WordPress website builder that perfectly blends flexibility and performance to create websites that rank.

Let’s dive in! Some of the most popular website builders claim to offer customization while boxing you in with templates that have pretty limited capability. Many are super slow as you incorporate changes.

Nobody’s got time for that! Zion Builder gives you the power to make the site you want as streamlined as possible. Lightning-fast and as flexible as a rubber band, Zion Builder allows you to create any layout design imaginable, which can be customized down to the smallest detail.

You can use dynamic data, the repeater functionality, and Advanced Custom Fields integration along with the Theme Builder to create layouts for your blog archive, product page, or any archive page you want.

You’ll get access to all the CSS stylings visually, which means you can style and customize like you’re a coder even if you’re not. Your audience won’t notice, and we won’t tell! Sometimes you may want to allow someone to only be able to edit a portion of your site but not the whole thing.

Zion Builder offers a permissions feature that allows you to limit access so collaborators are only able to view and edit only the site elements that work for you.

And that’s it! ZionBuilder allows you to build faster, better, and more streamlined websites that stand out and load quickly. Don’t wait – get Zion Builder today!

Instant Social Media Ad Creatives with AdCreative.ai

Tired of relying on designers to test new creatives in your social media ads?  Sick of spending all your time managing graphics, copy, and media buying? 

Wish there was a way to predict what would get your ads the most engagement, clicks, and return on ad spend? If you nodded “yes” to any of these questions, stick around to see how AdCreative.ai will change your life forever.

AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Today we’re talking about AdCreative.ai – the AI-powered ad creator that converts your best prospects into buyers. Let’s do this! The idea behind AdCreative.ai is to make the process of creating compelling visuals easier than ordering a pizza from your favorite delivery app – and a whole lot quicker, too. 

The first time you log into the platform, you’ll be prompted to enter your business name, logo, and color palette. The AI behind AdCreative.ai will use whatever you’ve entered to make sure that the creatives it produces for you will always be consistent with your current branding.

Then, you just have to connect your existing ad accounts (or your clients’ accounts if you’re an agency or freelancer) and you’ll have access to AdCreative.ai’s incredibly powerful machine learning. But more on that in just a sec. First, let me show you how crazy simple it is to create these ads.

You start off by choosing the size for your creative. As you already know, different platforms have different formats, so AdCreative.ai will only generate creatives that are optimized for the platform you’re uploading your ads to. Next, you add in your copy – so headline, body copy, and your CTA.

Then, you get the choice to upload your own photo – which is super useful if you’re an eCommerce brand and you’ve already got product photos from your last shoot – or choose one of 50 Million+ high-quality stock photos that are included free with your subscription.

Alright, now for the piece de resistance. Once you’ve got your copy and your image ready, click “Save & Continue” and give AdCreative.ai 30 – 60 seconds. Check your phone. Answer a quick text. Clear your Facebook notifications.

And when you look up, you’ll be met with dozens of new creatives for your campaign, ranked in order of predicted performance for your audience. Do you see that number in the top right of each creative? That’s the confidence score that AdCreative.ai has for each of the creatives it generated – based on millions of data points from other advertisers. 

And the more you use this software, the more it’s going to learn about your specific audience so it can provide more accurate predictions over time. From there, you can download the creatives – or push them straight to Google or Facebook with a single click.

And if you have media buyers who work with you on this stuff, you can easily add them as users to your account so they can generate their own ad creatives.

How cool is that? And that’s it! If you’re ready to take your ad creatives to the next level, save yourself a whole bunch of time, and get the tools you need to make way more money, then go ahead and grab lifetime access to AdCreative.ai today!

Create an API-First Ecommerce Site with Swell

If you’re a developer, agency, or entrepreneur looking to break into eCommerce, then allow me to introduce you to Swell. What’s going on, Sumo-lings? from AppSumo, the leading digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Today I’m hyped to tell you about Swell, a headless eCommerce platform for creating unique shopping experiences.

Alright, let’s get started by setting up your products. Swell is perfect for selling physical and virtual products, and gift cards — no plugins required. Plus, you can go ahead and include upsells and cross-sells on any product.

Create further discounts in the Discounts tab, where you’ll get full control over how you incentivize your customers, including discounts applied to orders, shipping, specific products, and specific product categories.

Once you’ve got buyers, you can cruise over to the Customers tab to check out your loyal customers and segment them into groups, which is great for offering discounts and promotions to specific peeps.

Then, over in the Orders tab, you can get the full picture of your orders at every stage of their life cycle, including carts that have been recently abandoned.

You can also offer your customers Subscriptions! Manage a variety of plans, and even create card expiration notifications and other tactics to boost customer retention.

Keep track of all of your operations in the Reports section, where you’ll find detailed customer and financial reports. Alright, now it’s time to create your Storefront! With Swell, you can create a highly customizable, unique storefront complete with one-click checkout in minutes.

Or go ahead and connect to your own site! Swell is known for its flexibility, so you can configure everything in your store from multi-currency, tax rules, and custom emails.

Connect your favorite integrations and webhooks to make Swell work for you! Developers, you’re going to love this next part: You can make tweaks to the eCommerce engine that powers your storefront, including adding custom fields or creating a new commerce model from scratch that’s unique to your business.

Sumo-lings, if you want complete control over every aspect of your online store and content, then there’s no better future-proof, headless eCommerce platform than Swell.  

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