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Appsumo deals are Appsumo recommended deals which are very useful tools and applications for E-Commerce. We have found some useful tools which are available below.


Nostradamus once said: “Come the millennium, month 12 of the 21st year,  in small and medium-sized businesses around the world,  a new software will come forth to change SOPs forever.” Okay, maybe he didn’t say that out loud,  but he was definitely thinking it.

And his prediction was spot on.

Finally, there’s a  simple way to automate the boring-but-necessary tasks in your business. Meet Breakout.

AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs.

Talking about Breakout – a solution that’ll help you grow your business by streamlining repetitive tasks like admin requests, employee onboarding, and third-party management.

Let’s do this! The number one issue I’ve seen small and medium-sized businesses struggle with when it comes to workflow automation is that most software out there is a headache to use.

That’s why I wanna start by highlighting Breakout’s best quality – its simplicity.

The platform comes loaded with templates for almost any business case.

So whether you’re going to use Breakout for admin, finance,  HR, IT, marketing, procurement, sales… Breakout’s got you covered.

It’s basically like Love Island,  but instead of being surrounded by beautiful men and women, you’re surrounded by beautiful  SOPs.

If that’s not your thing, you can always start from scratch and create your own workflow – but honestly, you probably won’t need to… Once you’ve picked your workflow template, everything within the flow is customizable.

Work your way through each of the steps on your checklist,  create rules for assigning tasks, and set a dynamic due date.

After you’ve got it set up,  Breakout’s sophisticated automation will take care of absolutely everything for you.

Can you imagine how much time that’s going to save you and your team in the long run? If I had to guess,  I’d say about a million hours a year.

Breakout’s got a whole bunch of other time-saving, boredom-eliminating,  business-growing features, too.

You can create front-end forms.

Build sophisticated automation that integrates with Google Sheets, Slack,  and Zapier.

Organize each of the tickets within your processes based on tags, fields,  and completion status… If there’s something you can’t do with Breakout, we haven’t found it yet.

So if you’re looking to scale your business by automating your SOPs,  Breakout’s the solution you’ve been waiting for.


Juggling dozens of tools to manage your business and team can get confusing fast, and it’s way harder to focus on what matters most: growth!

So, if you’re looking for a better business management solution to get a handle on all of your work and your team, you’ll want to hear about Jumppl! What’s good, Sumo-lings? It’s Vanessa here with AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Today I can’t wait to tell you about Jumppl, the all-in-one project management platform that combines all your favorite tools for managing your tasks, clients, and teams.

Trust me — you do NOT want to miss out on any of our killer deals.

Let’s get to it! First let’s check out the team portal, where you can manage your team both internal and external users, and navigate to all the other great features Jumppl has to offer.

This is your home base! Jumppl’s easy-to-use interface will make it an instant favorite across your team.

Now let’s take a look at the project management features! Create a project to get started and then add in your tasks.

You can customize tasks and create new fields that fit your workflow so it’s easier than ever to stay organized.

Is a kanban board more your style? Jumppl’s got your back.

You can toggle the project view to match your working style and boost your productivity.

Jumppl also offers a client portal so you can manage all your projects and deliver a great user experience at the same time.

You can also host the client portals on your own subdomain for a full white label experience.

Jumppl makes it super easy to manage all your clients from one dashboard, which is pretty awesome.

Skyrocket your team’s productivity with the chat feature available on the web and in the Desktop app.

The desktop app is the ultimate hub to do work quickly.

Pin your recently used files at the top and see your teammate’s assigned tasks while you chat so you can stay on top of the most important projects.

You can also send screen recordings or share audio messages.

If you’re working with freelancers or an external agency, Jumppl makes collaboration a breeze.

You can grant external users the access they need to get work done without compromising any sensitive information for your company or your clients plus, Jumppl’s staff monitoring, screen recording, and timesheets help you monitor your team and their attendance.

Good project management tools should make your job and your life easier.

Don’t wait, start managing your business and team better today with Jumppl!


Are you looking for an easier way to create, manage,  and grow your online eCommerce business? Then you’ll wanna hear all about Vepaar! What’s happening, Sumo-lings? Vanessa here with AppSumo, the #1 digital marketplace for the best deals on software.

Today, I can’t wait to tell you about Vepaar,  the app with all the tools you need to start, run, and grow your online business.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on any of our killer products! Let’s get to it! To get started, I’ll log in to my Vepaar account and enter my business name,  a brief description of what we do, and my country and currency.

Now I’m ready to set up my business page.

From the main dashboard,  I can see all the items I need to complete to get my page up and running! Once I connect my accounts, I can see all my business details under the My Biz section.

It’s easy to review business information and connected accounts from this tab.

You can also connect more social media accounts and update any of your business info.

If you’d like to add your own private domain, you can do that here, too.

Add additional pages like an about or contact page, and then preview your finished site! After you set up your business page, it’s time to get started with the online store! Right away, the dashboard shows the most important analytics for your eCommerce storefront.

First, let’s check out the order area.

From here, you can track orders and see where they are in the fulfillment process.

In the product section, it’s easy to add, edit, and manage your products.

You can create custom categories to track sales and badges to highlight best sellers or sales.

Build custom attributes for product colors and sizes to streamline your storefront.

You can quickly view your inventory to see what products are available and key information about your stock.

Vepaar makes it easy to manage the entire sales process from one dashboard! How cool is that? Now let’s check out the CRM feature! You can do a ton with the CRM functions that Vepaar offers.

For example, you can create support tickets for your customers to track issues and provide top-level customer service.

The contact section makes it easy to manage your existing contacts and assign them tags,  add notes and connect with the different apps via tons of integrations.

And that’s not all!  You can send messages and create quick replies to capture more information about your customers.

You can even develop custom funnels and filter contacts based on tags and funnel! Create and scale your online presence with the app that has all the tools you need to build your online store! Don’t wait — get access to Vepaar today!

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