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Apple M1 iPad Pro Review After 2 Months

Apple M1 iPad Pro
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So it’s been two months since Apple released their M1 iPad pros that shocked the world with their performance in about a month since I released my ultra-detailed review of the 12.9-inch model so today I want to give you guys an update now that these have been out for two months what has changed what are our follow-up findings as well as talk about where we wrong or was I just too harsh with iPad OS 15 and the 12.9 inch model with that I want to talk about why have I seen these as low as a hundred and fifty dollars off in two months after these things came out and was Vadim just absolutely right about his thoughts on these high-end expensive devices. let’s get started with a 12.9-inch model obviously, you guys see it right here but by the time this video is posted this thing is probably going to be gone or at least up there for sale with somebody picking it up because it just doesn’t make a lot of sense I talked about iPad or west being limiting and spending so much money on this device but with that, I went through all of those comments on that review and there are a ton of them and I really try to be open-minded with those of you guys that did not agree with my review talking about that this is a supplementary device even at over 2 grand to a MacBook pro and the way they’re designed you’re supposed to have both and that you want to use them for you know.

Whatever they’re best at and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing I wanted to give it a chance because there are some things that I absolutely love about this thing so I’ve been going through and using the apple pencil where it makes sense I’ve been using photo editing software some video editing software and just seeing how it works and then flipping back and forth with my MacBook pro so with this thing the m1 chip has been doing excellent with photo editing I love having the apple pencil for that I’ve been going through a bunch of photos the birthday photos I edited and that experience has been fantastic until you start exporting those and in that case, I’m sorry guys but a MacBook air at weighing less is a way better option. I’ve had a bunch of crashes exporting those photos they are larger in size but it’s an optimized program and I ended up going back as you guys could see to iPad OS 14 on this system just to make sure everything’s stable and I still had those issues let me tell you it is so frustrating when you’re exporting it gets halfway done or three quarters and it crashes and all your work is gone at that point you don’t even want to have an iPad and the difference is the software even though I’ve been I’ll talk about a couple extra things that apple has fixed with iPad OS 15 just the way that it’s made it’s not like mac OS you don’t have a photo saved every time it is finished rendering so if it crashes sure you miss you know. Whatever hasn’t been done this thing everything is saved at the end and it gets erased and that point all the benefits of the touchscreen are not really worth it and really right now I want a MacBook that has a touchscreen apple I think it is time now with that I want to talk about battery life that applies to both of these in my usage and in the time this last month it has been really noticeable that when you’re pushing these machines it definitely uses more power than before with that m1 chip even though it is efficient when you’re taking advantage of that extra performance it does drain the battery and you’re not getting better battery life than previous generations like you are with the m1 MacBook air and the m1 MacBook pro.

Now when you’re gaming like we showed you guys in the comparison with the previous iPad pro and those games don’t take full advantage yet of the extra graphics performance you do actually gain some battery life that is excellent but with that, if you’re pushing these do expect these to have worse battery life when you’re really pushing it about five hours, not the 10 that is quoted now thankfully we made one discovery that we actually posted at the end of one video as a bonus but not everybody makes it to the end and I haven’t seen anybody else talks about this online but apple actually changed the way these work and now if you are charging through the actual USB type-c port on the device app allows 33 watts or slightly higher than that to be accepted. Even though they come with a 20-watt adapter and that might be just because of the extra power draw that these things can have and that’s actually about similar to what we saw the m1 mac mini use as far as the amount of power with the m1 chip so apple is accounting for that but if you’re plugging into the magic keyboard itself that is limited to about 20 watts and that can make a significant difference in speed or if you’re actually using the device doing heavy tasks if you’re going to be charging while using it or just kind of you know keeping it at a similar level. So make sure you’re plugging into the iPad itself now with that onto iPad OS 15 apple has listened so this might be a benefit of doing a view review that is pretty harsh and they have changed the five gig app limit so you’re no longer limited five gigs and they up that so an app can request for more ram if it can use it and these heavier programs definitely can use it so that is a great thing thank you apple but unfortunately a lot of the other things that we talked about in that review have not been fixed the external display support hasn’t been fixed and that just doesn’t make sense to me but I don’t want to waste a lot of time on that the last thing I want to say specifically for the 12.9 inch the reason why it’s still here but it won’t be is the fact that many led display I mean apple nailed it out of the park a lot of people have been hesitant talking about blooming talking about other issues but guys let me tell you this is the best display that I have ever put my eyes on other than that 6k display and of course.

Thing is not portable sure you see blooming sometimes but man outside in the sun and watching movies outdoors in bright lights and at night especially is amazing and it makes me want to keep this just for that reason the HDR is fantastic the speakers are great I’m going to be doing more camping and gosh I want to keep this you download the movies on their it looks great but I just don’t think it could be justifiable do you really need a screen that’s too grand with the package just for watching movies I don’t know I don’t think that is worth it but that just really makes me wish that when I’m switching over this one and using this and I think this is a real start of the show overall for the price point you get a killer machine I wish this had that mini led display and this just makes me want to for those people that I haven’t bought one yet it just makes it more worthwhile to wait it might be a little bit but to get one with a mini led display because the updates are awesome and whenever I use this at night or when it’s darker I wish it was that model but now switching over this device man this is the ultimate iPad just like what he mentioned and one very interesting thing that he said I think not in his review outside of it is he said that people buy the iPad pro not to get an ultimate computing device it could be a laptop replacement and even though that’s not what an iPad should be in my opinion if you’re spending. Over two grand you kind of expect the software to not limit you like crazy but they just buy it because they want the best of the best they want something that is future proof and this is exactly what this iPad has been even with the iPad OS 15 with the updates the note-taking features it just makes me want to use this way more often because it’s very capable very nice to use now the iPad was 15 updates with multitasking everything else as far as iPad OS as a tablet device it is awesome for regular tasks the battery life is great that m1 chip can sit power if you don’t need a lot of it and there’s really not much to complain about other than that display and with the fact that I’ve seen this as low as 700 I mean nothing can touch it even for a couple years so if you score a deal what else can compete with that pretty much nothing now

Why has why have these dropped so much by I’ve seen them as low as 150 off for the larger model 100 off for the this one and it’s just because of the m1 chip not only did that give apple the ability to give this a lot more power but also cost savings and just like the m1 MacBook air dropping a hundred dollars lower and I think even once 150 lower these things the same thing apple can stuff them with a lot more power and because they’re making m1 chips and so many of their devices it just means that they’re saving money and at some points the retailers can also drop that savings down to you it makes it even harder for other companies to compete so overall that has been my update we still highly recommend this one the 12.9 inch model if you’re getting the cheap one and you want that display you can actually make use of it is a great device but for an overall computing device do I think I was a little bit too harsh honestly guys after trying to apply what you guys were saying and using it the way you guys suggested I still am having a very hard time making sense unless money doesn’t matter for you sure in that case buy all the apple devices and use them but overall other than the display I don’t think it really is worth it compared to older options for much less money buying a refurbished or you knew one if you need that larger size.

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