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10 Ways How to Make Money as a Teenager

how to make money online as a teen
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Frist Way

The very first way to make money as a  teenager is to sell your own video based  courses  now you can start your own video course  and you can

sell them online and people  can subscribe to you  and you’ll get the money

so i know a few  of those apps by which you can become a  teacher or sell your own course there  one of them is skillshare i have 

personally worked with them they are  amazing you can become a teacher on  skillshare 

Second Way

second one is graphic how this  works is basically  you find your talent and suppose i am  good at  making videos or i’m good at editing  videos so suppose I want to make  a course on

how to edit videos for  beginners so i  prepare like a complete thing I film  myself  and then i edit the whole thing and then  i put it on the app  or the website and then

I  also choose a price so suppose i choose  to make a  class on how to edit videos for  beginners  and then i create all the chapters first  one contains how to add text

second one  contains how to cut  third one contains how to import and so  on and so so you can create  that and after that you can determine a  price now a

small share will be taken by  the company  or by the platform that you’re putting  your course in  and then after you have determined your  price post i have determined that 

i want to sell my course at 500 rupees  so  if people subscribe to my course or they  buy my course  i will get a good share of that money so  that’s a great way to make money

 the second way to make money online is  by selling old things online  now you can sell your old furniture your  old clothes your old shoes i know a 

couple of good websites which actually  buy these things  one of them has been very popular it’s  olx  and you can make money through that olx, thread up

easy there are a bunch of  those where you can actually sell  your old clothes your old furniture but  make sure you’re choosing a realistic  price  i know

people at olx who put the  old item’s price more than the same  actual new item was uh i want to buy a  new camera and the new one costs 

rupees 45,000 but someone is selling the  exact same model  for 50,000 but it is old so obviously i  wil buy the new one right  so make sure you

choose the uh price  realistically that if it is an old  camera maybe i can sell it for 25, 000 because then people will actually  buy it 

Third Way

third way to make money as a  teenager is to sell photographs online  so if you like to take photos  you can sell them on websites

like getty  where they buy it  from there people will pay and you will  get like money so  you get money so how this works is  basically you need a professional camera 

phone photographs will not do as well so  until and unless you are like a  professional photographer or maybe not  even a  professional if you have a

camera and if  you click good photos  this is a great option i have a camera i  do not do this but i have thought about  it in the past  it’s a great way to make some good money 

like you can make some money

Fourth Way

The fourth way  is to write transcripts at go  transcripts now what this is is  basically  they give you a writing job and you can  speak it  it’s

very hard to explain so what you do  is basically they give you a  writing and you have to translate it  like you have to

speak it up and they  record it and they  sell you like they give you money for  that so  it’s basically lies like voice acting  you can say but it’s 

like not acting it’s just reading those  things very fluently so if you have  fluent english  then this is a great option for you great way to make money 

Fifth Way

some people  do some local jobs here and there get  some internships it will also help you  in your college applications and in the  future as well 

so you can get some internships or you  can get some local jobs or even  like you can ask your parents like if  you can wash the car  and in return

they can actually pay you  or you can  yeah that’s what you can do what if or  you can water

your plants and then  ask your parents for the money or you  can take like help the neighbors in  babysitting their baby  that it is a great way to 

earn money because they think it as a  chota cam  like a small job a petty job but it’s  not that way  so if you’re a teen it’s a great way to 

make money like that  so i forgot to tell you but there’s also  one another other way  by which you can make money uh by doing  a local job you can ask your

local like shops if they need a social  media manager and you can manage their  social media like instagram twitter and  all those things 

so you can manage the instagram pages  and that way you can earn some good  money 

Sixth Way

sixth way you can actually make  money as a teenager is tutoring now  if you are a little older like if you’re  my age  17 or 18 or 16 not 

lower than 16 but if you’re at least  like 16 years old then you can  actually tutor younger kids there’s some  online tutoring websites

where you can  tutor or you can tutor locally as well  or you can set up a like online  tuition sort of in a zoom meeting and  where you can 

teach your juniors so that’s a great way  to  make good money because tutoring offers  quite a good money  if you use it well and the websites.

Basically there  are bunch of like  subjects which you can tutor for and  find the one which you’re good at  and you can cute

Seventh Way

The seventh idea to  make money as a teenager is to sell  digital prints on creative market now  creative market is a website where you 

can buy  and sell digital prints now digital  pictures  frames everything like that you can make  your own illustrations  so if you’re actually good at making 

illustrations then  this job is right for you you don’t need  much you just need like an ipad  and your phone and that’s basically all  you need if even

if you don’t have an  ipad you can still try it on your phone  or your laptop it works either way and  you can sell your prints online  another easy way to

do this is if you  paint or if you draw  then you can scan your pictures and sell  them online  on creative market and you can make some  good money over there

Eighth Way

The eighth way to make money as a  teenager or basically anyone can do this  is to take surveys online now i  personally have taken service online 

and they pay you for each survey you  take but the money is less i’m not going  to lie  um though the

website which i have used  is called  rakuten now i just did it because i was  bored  i did not do it for the money because  the money is quite less i’m not

even  going to lie about this  but uh yeah it’s a very great way to  make money  for your for for example if you want to  buy something instead of

asking the  money from your parents you can actually  take some service  and get some like money for yourself  so how this basically works is uh  you

can register on drakuten and they  will connect you to like  the companies and they’ll email you if  you’ve managed a survey  and you can participate in the survey 

and each survey costs differently for  different  answers it’s different so minimum it is  one rupees but maximum it can be 30  rupees  for each survey so you

don’t have  to do anything you just have to answer a  few questions and they’ll give you like  30 rupees for each survey  which is great

Ninth Way

the ninth way to make money as a  teenager is to sell your own merchandise  now you don’t have to be a youtuber do  not have to be famous to do this 

basically anyone of any age can do this  if you know how to use a basic computer  obviously  so all you have to do is to sign up on  redbubble 

and there you can just put up your  design which you have and you can  put it on different things like mugs  hoodies shirts you name it and you 

basically have it there so you do not  have to do  anything they’ll just take a small  commission from it  and they’ll send it to the person who is 

buying it and you’ll get  like entire money for yourself basically  so it’s very easy

 i’ll just explain it right here so  suppose i want to sell a t-shirt  and i have a design which says uh  somebody avasti  so what i want to do is i’ll just take 

my print  it’s somebody diversity i have created  it digitally it’s a digital print and  i’ll just take it and put it the website  and from there 

i can choose if i want to sell t-shirts  of that if i want to sell mugs of that  if i want to sell  bottles or like hoties sweatshirts  whatever  so you can

just put it there and they  will display it on the website from  where people can buy  your designed um clothes or shoes or  whatever 

so basically that’s that it’s very easy  um  you can sign up there and you can earn  some like good money from that i’m not  even kidding the money is

really good if  you  know how to work it prop

Tenth Way

The last thing  is to sell on etsy now etsy is a great  website  it’s the same as like red bubble and  creative market you can basically  sell anything

over there but the item  should be unique you can also sell all  things over there by the way on etsy  so all you have to do is to sign up  create

your own site  and i think like fzl is a little bit  hard  for like a beginner who does not know  anything about marketing in business  but

again as i said there’s no age for  learning you can learn right now and you  can earn some good money on  etsy i have created my own shop on

etsy  as well but i have not like  made it public yet i have some designs  over there which i’m going  to sell i think i am but it’s it you 

need to have a little bit of knowledge  but that’s what youtube is for you can  basically find a bunch of tutorials  on how to sell on etsy and i’m sure  you’ll figure it out and if you made.

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